Ex-Cowboys QB Troy Aikman destroys referees during MNF coverage calling their indecisiveness out on air

Troy Aikman became co-announcer for the MNF games in March last year.

Ex-Cowboys QB Troy Aikman destroys referees during MNF coverage calling their indecisiveness out on air

Troy Aikman (via New York Post)

The referees in the NFL this season have garnered a lot of criticism from the fans as well as players alike. There have been too many missed calls and unnecessary flags at the worst times this season. Their recent controversial decision came in the Kansas City Chiefs’ week 14 game against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. Former Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman had enough of the refs and went on an epic rant during the New York Giants-Green Bay Packers game.

During the Giants’ week 14 game against the Packers, the refs took a lot of time while making a decision just before halftime. He and Joe Buck were calling the game on Monday Night Football when officials took a lot of time to ascertain that the Packers’ kickoff did not bounce out of bounds after Anders Carlson’s 36-yard field goal. Aikman blasted the refs for halting the play with just 13 seconds left in the second quarter.

The Hall of Fame quarterback said during the broadcast.

The problem with all of this is just make a call. I mean there’s 13 seconds in the half, you know, just make a decision. And this is what stops all these games. And the officials, I know, they’ve been talked about every week but this is ridiculous what we’re watching right now.
Troy Aikman during the broadcast

On the field, the Giants won their third straight game and improved to 5-8. The Packers on the other hand, failed to build on their impressive week 13 win against the Chiefs and slipped to 6-7 for the season.

Troy Aikman asked about Tom Brady’s thoughts on air during the Giants-Packers game

The Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers had Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the broadcasting booth. During the game, Aikman wondered if former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady was watching the game or not. He asked for Brady to text him if he was.

Tom Brady (L) and Troy Aikman (R)
Tom Brady (L – via People) and Troy Aikman (R – via Fox News)

Aikman said:

You know, I just, I watch this and I’m just wondering, if Tom Brady’s watching this game, what is he saying right now? Tom, text me if you’re watching.

Brady retired from professional football earlier this year and will start his broadcasting journey next year with Fox.

Brady recently called out the league while appearing on The Stephen A. Smith Show. He claimed that there was a lot of mediocrity in the NFL right now and that the coaching standards have gone down. Aikman’s keen interest in Brady’s thoughts likely stems from that. It will be interesting to see how Brady goes about his broadcasting career next year.

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