“Hall of Fame coaching staff” – Warren Sapp joins Deion Sanders in Colorado as Buffaloes’ new coach, fans react

Sapp revealed he was the Buffaloes' senior quality control analyst.

“Hall of Fame coaching staff” – Warren Sapp joins Deion Sanders in Colorado as Buffaloes’ new coach, fans react

(L) Deion Sanders and (R) Warren Sapp (Image via IMAGO)

Deion Sanders is making some moves before football resumes in Boulder County. The Colorado Buffaloes head coach brought in Hall of Fame defensive lineman Warren Sapp as one of his subordinates.


Sanders had hinted that he would bring Sapp in. However, he had never provided a date.

There have been no conversations about hiring Warren Sapp for an assistant coach position at the University of Colorado.
Colorado’s spokesperson, Steve Hurlbert, said in January

However, the 7-time Pro Bowler is now part of the CU program. The Washington Post received word from CU officials about the hiring.

Warren Sapp successfully completed all of the necessary steps required of anyone who is employed at CU Boulder, including a background check.
The Washington Post’s report read

While there’s a little clarity as to what Sapp’s role is, his official designation, per Sanders, is a graduate assistant. On the other hand, the 51-year-old introduced himself to the Buffs roster on Monday as the senior quality control analyst. 


A video on Deion Sanders Jr.‘s YouTube channel, titled Well of Media, shared Warren Sapp’s first interaction with the team. He told the players that his presence was because they were building a mansion, and he was one of the masons. Here are the reactions to the video:

Warren Sapp said he was a fan of Deion Sanders growing up

Sapp grew up in Orlando and played for the Miami Hurricanes in college football, first as a linebacker and then as a DE. He received several honors, including Unanimous All-American, the Lombardi Award, and the Bronko Nagurski Award for the best defensive player in college.

"Hall of Fame coaching staff" - Warren Sapp joins Deion Sanders in Colorado as Buffaloes' new coach, fans react
WARREN SAPP on the field prior to the Hall of Fame Game between Miami and Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-20 in the Hall of Fame Game played at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Field at Fawcett (Image via IMAGO)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected him as the 12th overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft. He went on to play nine seasons with the Bay Area franchise, winning a Super Bowl in 2002. Additionally, he played for the Oakland Raiders (Las Vegas Raiders), hanging up his boots in 2007.

While speaking at his introductory meeting with the Buffaloes, Warren Sapp said he idolized Deion Sanders.

I loved this man to death from the first time I saw him... I’ve been a Deion Sanders fan since I was 12 years old. So we are all here for the man. Let’s go riding. Championship time!
Warren Sapp said

The Buffaloes would require every inch of his experience if they didn’t repeat last season’s 4-8 record. Besides Sapp, Sanders made changes to the defensive coordinator, appointing Robert Livingston to drill some discipline into the new offensive line so that they could protect quarterback Shedeur Sanders.

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