“What that DUDE’S EVER SAID?!”: Michelle Beadle hits out at Tom Brady’s huge contract with Fox Sports

Check out what former ESPN host Michelle Beadle had to say about Tom Brady's contract with Fox Sports.

Tom Brady and Michelle Breadle

Tom Brady is one of the most well known athletes across the globe. Brady has millions of supporters and followers which makes him a voice for the public and hence it’s quite understandable that people will listen to him.

Additionally Tom Brady has practically achieved everything in the NFL and is one of the most decorated players. He has experienced it all and this why Fox Sports have decided to take him in as an NFL analyst once his playing days are over.

Michelle Beadle is unable to comprehend why Tom Brady is being paid so much by Fox Sports in his new deal

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

A lot of negative feedback came out when people got to know about the mammoth $375 million deal that Fox Sports had fixed with Tom Brady. Many people suggested that Tom Brady was being overpaid.

One such person is former ESPN reporter Michelle Beadle who currently hosts a podcast called What Did I Miss? for The Athletic. She has hit out at Brady and said that the deal is ‘asinine’ a,d Brady doesn’t speak anything worth $375 million.

The $375 million media deal that Tom Brady (received) – that is asinine,” said Beadle. “I mean, I don’t even know what that dude’s ever said that has made me go ‘huh, I can’t wait to hear more of that.’ But $375 million?”

Many will probably argue that it’s a huge amount of money to pay anyone but FOX Sports haven’t hired any random person to be their new No. 1 color commentator on NFL games. The popularity and power Tom Brady will bring in for their network makes it a good investment.

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