“Is he willing to call it quits?”: Rams superstar Aaron Donald just put his $6.2 million Calabasas home on the market amid retirement rumors

Aaron Donald is reportedly selling his Calabasas Mansion.

Aaron Donald

The LA Rams had a fantastic outing at the Super Bowl and a lot of credit for their success has to go to Aaron Donald who was absolutely relentless in the final moments. In fact, he was simply superb throughout the season. If someone adds so much value to your team, it is evident that you will want him on your side.

There were reports that Donald will retire after the Super Bowl and the Rams were desperate to make him stay. In fact, Rodney Harrison had openly claimed before the Super Bowl that Aaron told him that he will contemplate retirement if he ends up winning the coveted title.

“I ain’t done, I want to achieve more”: Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald

Donald did manage to win the title which suggested that he might call it quits. However, not long ago, Donald had claimed that he will come back only if the Rams bring back two players for next season. “I’m gonna enjoy the moment. We bring everybody back, I’m back,” Donald had told TMZ.

The two players he was talking about are OBJ and Von Miller. However, as per the latest report by TMZ, Donald has listed his Calabasas, California, home for $6.25 million. This move has again given rise to speculations that Donald might be looking to retire in the near future.

Having said that, while he was on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Aaron expressed his affection towards the Rams and stated that he is hungry to achieve more for them. “I had conversations with the Rams. We talked. If we bring the guys back – certain guys back – and we got a real shot to repeat and really win another Super Bowl, why not come back and play?

That’s all it’s about. I experienced this and it’s like, I thought I’d want to be done, but I got addicted to it. It’s like, I ain’t satisfied. I want to get it one more time,” he had claimed.

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