“We’ll whoop that a**”: Rapper YG DM’d Tom Brady talking trash before clash against the Rams

Rapper and a huge Rams fan YG trash-talked Bucs QB Tom Brady before the divisional round matchup.

Tom Brady and YG
Tom Brady and YG

The Los Angeles Rams took on Brady and Co in the divisional round playoff game and boy oh boy it proved to be an entertaining contest. The Rams started off brilliantly, they completely outplayed the Bucs in the first half. However, the team from Tampa Bay scripted a fantastic comeback.

At one instance, the Bucs were trailing by 24 points, however, they came back in some time to tie the scores at 27 each. But fortunes favored the Rams and a last-minute lapse from the defense resulted in a memorable win for the team from Los Angeles.

“Let’s go Rams”: Rapper YG trash-talked Brady before the game against Rams

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

When the playoff season arrives, things get brutal, fans are more enthusiastic than ever. It seems like renowned rapper YG is one of those fans. YG, who is a good friend of Tom Brady is actually a staunch supporter of the Rams. Before the Rams vs Bucs game, YF apparently DM’d Tom Brady.


Tom, we are gonna whoop your a**, I hope you’re ready. Let’s go Rams,” the message from YG said. He further went on to add, “Let me get that jersey when you’re done.” YG’s audio message went viral like crazy on Twitter as what happened during Rams vs Bucs is exactly what YG predicted in the message.

The Bucs, irrespective of the loss against the Rams, had a wonderful season and they can be proud of themselves. On the other hand, the Rams were simply sensational and thoroughly deserved to progress further. They’ll next take on the 49ers in the Conference Championship clash.

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