“No need for finger-pointing” Toto Wolff defends Mercedes engines after a poor start to 2022 Formula 1 campaign

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff pleaded it's too early to blame any single area of the car or engine, but to focus on how it could recover.

Toto Wolff
Mercedes Team Boss - Toto Wolff

Mercedes’s F1 Team Principal and CEO, Toto Wolff has led his team to achieve absolute dominance in the sport since he joined them in 2014. With him, the Silver Arrows have achieved 8 consecutive constructor’s championship titles along with 7 driver’s titles achieved by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

But since the start of the 2022 season, Mercedes have suffered a poor start and has been struggling to find pace. The W13 has suffered from porpoising and this has made the car unstable in the straights finding itself behind mid-feild cars and backmarkers.

Lewis Hamilton claimed the W13 was “a long way off” and that the team can still make it better if they pull up their socks and focus on the true potential of their cars. But Toto Wolff is reluctant to single out an issue in the new-generation car.

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Toto Wolff: “We need to pull ourselves from this mess”

Lewis Hamilton in his W13
Lewis Hamilton in his W13

Mercedes-powered teams have also been struggling for straight-line speed at times compared to those running Ferrari and Red Bull-badged power units. To which Team boss Toto Wolff pleaded it’s too early to blame any single area of the car or engine, but to focus on how it could recover.

When asked about Mercedes’ engine performance by Motorsport.com, Wolff said, “I think it’s important now not to just point the finger at individual areas of the car. We operate together as a team, and I think we have deficits overall that are bigger than an engine deficit.”

He added, “Are we among the top teams in any of these areas? No, I don’t think so. But you have to remember that this engine has helped us win eight championships in a row. Now we just all have to grab each other by the scruff of the neck and, with all our strength, pull ourselves out of this mess.”

Lewis Hamilton said earlier Mercedes was “still far off the guys who are ahead, and we’ve got a lot of work to do.” The Team are 40 points behind Ferrari in the Constructors championship. The team look to cut the deficit as they head to Melbourne the next weekend of the Australian GP.

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