“Afraid of David Benavidez!” Oscar De La Hoya fires back at Canelo Alvarez after defamation lawsuit

Oscar De La Hoya threw shade at Canelo Alvarez by mentioning how he has been avoiding the David Benavidez fight.

“Afraid of David Benavidez!” Oscar De La Hoya fires back at Canelo Alvarez after defamation lawsuit

Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya (image credit- The Guardian)

Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez‘s feud has now become quite public. It is no secret that they have shared a mutual distaste for each other after their tenure working together. Subsequently, their war of words quickly escalated into a lawsuit, and it appears De La Hoya is not done taunting Alvarez. 

The beef between Alvarez and De La Hoya began after the Mexican boxing superstar left his promotion company. It then became evident that there were several disagreements between them, which caused their split. As such, in their recent public appearance during the Alvarez vs. Munguia press conference, they had a verbal altercation. Alvarez claimed that De La Hoya stole from his fighters, which allowed the former champion to sue him for defamation. However, this did not satisfy him, since he took to social media to taunt Alvarez even more. 

You lined my pockets. You made Munguia a sh*tload of money, all because you are afraid of David Benvidez. 
Oscar De La Hoya via X

De La Hoya threw shade at Alvarez by bringing up how he has been allegedly ducking the fight against David Benavidez. This is a sentiment shared by several people in the boxing community. Subsequently, the promoter brought up how Alvarez accused him of stealing, even though he had already sued him for it. 

Furthermore, De La Hoya stated that Canelo Alvarez isn’t aware that people around him are stealing from him. even though he was accused of the same. The former champion made all these claims while sitting elegantly on a chair with a glass of wine.

Shane Mosley fires back at Oscar De La Hoya

De La Hoya hasn’t just been beefing with Alvarez and seems to have triggered his former opponent, Shane Mosley. This was after the promoter claimed that he won both their fights, which happened in 2000 and 2003. As such, while Mosley won both fights, his opponent, De La Hoya, firmly believes he won instead.

Shane Mosley
Shane Mosley (image credit- Sky Sports News)

Both of their fights were highly competitive, with their first ending in a split decision and their second with a unanimous decision victory. Furthermore, De La Hoya recently reflected on his illustrious career and mentioned Mosley as one of the opponents he defeated. 

Shane Mosley was utterly perplexed by this statement and responded by stating that he didn’t know he lost. In addition, the former champion added that he doesn’t know what dimension De La Hoya lives in since he won both fights. 

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