“New MMA Global Powerhouse” – PFL founder boasts equalling Dana White’s UFC roster after acquiring direct rivals Bellator MMA

PFL founder Don Davis talks aout creating a new global MMA powerhouse after rumors of PFL acquiring Bellator MMA was confirmed.

“New MMA Global Powerhouse” – PFL founder boasts equalling Dana White’s UFC roster after acquiring direct rivals Bellator MMA

Dana White talks about losing $3million dollars gambling (Image via Imago)

PFL’s founder, Donn Davis, has hinted at the creation of a new MMA powerhouse. This followed rumors of PFL acquiring direct rival Bellator MMA, a deal that was quite recently confirmed. The acquisition aims to transform PFL into an industry-leading force, challenging the UFC.


PFL secured a significant $100 million investment from Saudi Arabia to facilitate the acquisition of Bellator MMA. This has the potential to shake up the MMA landscape and challenge the supremacy of UFC CEO Dana White. Taking to X, Davis wrote:

New MMA global powerhouse. PFL acquires Bellator. Our fighter roster equal to UFC - both 30% top 25 world ranked fighters. PFL launched reimagined Bellator - Bellator international series. Mega-event for fans in 2024 - PFL champs vs. Bellator champs.

Dana White has reacted skeptically to reports of PFL buying out Bellator MMA. He expressed disbelief and questioned the rationale behind such a move. Donn Davis had previously drawn comparisons between UFC and PFL, likening their relationship to that of Blockbuster and Netflix.

He thereby highlighted the competitive nature between the two organizations.


The acquisition of Bellator MMA will create a significant shift in the MMA landscape. It could potentially equal the UFC’s roster under Dana White’s leadership. However, Dana White was dismissive of concerns about competition. He stated that the prospect of Saudi Arabian investment boosting PFL as a UFC rival did not concern him.

PFL founder said Dana white is worried about PFL

PFL founder Donn Davis suggested that UFC CEO Dana White, is concerned about the acquisition of Bellator, indicating a perceived threat. Davis believed that the influx of talent from Bellator worries Dana White.

He further claimed Dana saw it as a sign that the Professional Fighters League (PFL) is gaining attention and traction in the industry. This could potentially challenge the dominance of the UFC.

Dana White
PFL founder said Bellator acquisition worries Dana White (Image source: Imago )

In an interview on The MMA Hour, Davis said:

Everybody knows Dana well enough that he only dismisses things that worry him, or else he just doesn’t comment. He didn’t comment on the PFL for four years because he wasn’t worried. He has commented on the PFL a lot in the last six months. He’s worried.

Meanwhile, WWE was recently acquired by Endeavor, the parent company of UFC, in a deal valued at $21.4 billion. This merger led to the formation of a new company called TKO Group Holdings, combining the two prominent entities in sports and entertainment.

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