“I would outwrestle Kamaru Usman,” PFL star Ray Cooper III believes UFC fighters are not superior to other organizations

Reigning PFL champion Ray Cooper III slams the UFC and believes their fighters are not bigger than other leagues.

Ray Cooper III Kamaru Usman
Ray Cooper III on Kamaru Usman

Ray Cooper III does not think UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is better than him. The reigning PFL champion does not think UFC has better talent than other organizations.

Ray Cooper III is on his way to win the one-million-dollar prize again in the Professional Fighters League. Despite being in the PFL, Ray has experienced some of the UFC “sauce” in his own organization. He even kicked out the former Bellator champion, former UFC title contender, Rory MacDonald in the semi-finals. Cooper spoke to Drake Riggs from BJPenn.com and expressed his feelings about the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Not only does Ray believe the talents in UFC are not better than the other organizations, but he also thinks he could put down the UFC’s welterweight champion. “I feel like I would outwrestle Kamaru Usman any day of the week. Hopefully, it can get done and we can do these big super fights. Because anybody in the UFC can get it. I’m at the top of them all. I’m ready and that would be awesome,” he said.

“Just because you came from the UFC doesn’t mean crap,” says Ray Cooper III

Ray Cooper III vs Rory MacDonald
Ray Cooper III vs Rory MacDonald

The PFL finalist believes the MMA world assumes that fighters from the UFC are inherently better than other organization talents and he completely rejects that idea. “Just because you came from the UFC doesn’t mean crap. Plenty of UFC guys are not top caliber either. Probably only the top 5 guys in each weight class are top-tier guys. They got a big roster but not all those guys are high level,” said Cooper.  

Former UFC fighters Rory MacDonald and Anthony Pettis have not made it to the finals of PFL this season. Pettis didn’t even make it out of the regular season. “Rory is still young, he’s probably the only one that’s still up there in the top welterweights and everybody says he’s old. He’s only frickin’ 32. He’s not old, I’m only 28, he’s four years older than me. That don’t mean crap. So Rory was the only one that was at the level of being in the playoffs and maybe reaching the finals if he wasn’t on my side of the bracket. But he was and that turned out bad for him.”

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