Rhea Ripley welcomes new member to the family, fellow Judgment Day star asks to reveal the story

Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest showed their candid sides to fans on social media. 

Rhea Ripley welcomes new member to the family, fellow Judgment Day star asks to reveal the story

The Judgment Day (via WWE)

Recently, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley shared a very wholesome moment with fans on social media. She welcomed a little dog into the family and named her Bella. Fellow Judgment Day member Damian Priest asked Ripley to share the backstory with the WWE Universe. 

Mami took to X, shared a picture of a dog, and announced ‘Bella’ as the new member of her family. Damian Priest responded to her post and requested that she tell fans how she saved the ‘little angel’. The 27-year-old holds a special connection with animals, and she already has a pet dog whose picture she often shares on social media. 

The Terror Twins were on top of the world as they came out of WrestleMania as champions. While Rhea Ripley successfully defended her title against Becky Lynch, Priest cashed in his MITB contract on Drew McIntyre to become the new champion. Both share a very close relationship in real life, as Ripley considers him her big brother. 

Please tell everyone how you saved this little angel
Damian Priest on X

Their WrestleMania celebrations were cut short, unfortunately, as Liv Morgan launched a vicious attack on Mami on Raw. Meanwhile, The Archer of Infamy found his new opponent in the form of Jey Uso, as he became the No. 1 contender by winning the Fatal 4-way match. It will be interesting to see how long The Terror Twins can hold their title, as many challengers wait for an opportunity. 

Rhea Ripley was not happy with R-Truth’s hilarious antics on Raw

It looks like Rhea Ripley still hasn’t accepted R-Truth in The Judgment Day, even after he brought the Raw Tag Team Titles back to her group. She expressed her anger after being annoyed by the 52-year-old legend’s hilarious shenanigans. 

The Judgment Day and R-Truth
The Judgment Day and R-Truth (via WWE)

Mami took to X and replied to WWE’s post, where they shared a video of Truth joining the Judgment Day celebrations. He and The Miz captured the Raw Tag Team Titles in a Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder match at WrestleMania XL. They constantly argued over whether he was a part of the notorious faction or not.

In the end, John Cena came out and helped them defeat the trio of JD McDonagh, Finn Balor, and Dominik Mysterio. Only time will tell whether Judgment Day tries to take back the tag titles from The Awesome Truth or not.

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