Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls out Columbia professors for hindering freedom of thought amongst students in the wake of anti-Israel protests

Kraft graduated from Columbia University and is one of the biggest donors of the University.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft calls out Columbia professors for hindering freedom of thought amongst students in the wake of anti-Israel protests

Robert Kraft (via Marca)

Robert Kraft is not happy with the recent unrest that is taking place on the campus of Columbia University. The owner of the New England Patriots lashed out at his alma mater for a disturbing change in the teaching culture.

He cited the professors at Columbia as being the “biggest problems” and believes their methodology has contributed towards disrupting campus. Robert Kraft believes tenured professors at the University of Columbia who do not need to worry about their job security are to be held accountable for making remarks and delivering lectures that have given rise to anti-Israel sentiments in the minds of the students.

We have professors who, instead of teaching how to think, are trying to tell our young people what they should think. I think one of the biggest problems that we have to do something about is really tenure at these universities. Where people can do things and don't have accountability.
Robert Kraft in an interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity said

The owner of the New England Patriots, who is an honorable alumnus of Columbia is not happy with the changes he is seeing in the culture of the University. As opposed to being a reputed institution which prides itself on encouraging its students to form their train of thought by providing the relevant information and guiding them in the right direction, Kraft thinks that professors are now forcing their opinions and leading the students to thoughts which they believe to be are true.

Robert Kraft has decided to discontinue funding Columbia University until satisfactory action is taken

After student protestors carried out pro-Palestinian rallies, Columbia University called the police to control the protestors. Following this, the faculty condemned the institution for resorting to this move. In addition to this, faculty members walked out of classes to express their solidarity with the arrested students.

Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft. (via Yahoo Sports)

The situation got bad, it compelled the University to suspend in-person classes and resort to remote classes for the interim. Columbia is not the only institute that witnessed massive protests against the Israeli escalation of the tense situation in the region of Palestine. University of Michigan, New York University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are other reputed institutes that are facing protests from students demanding that America take stern action and compel Israel to de-escalate the situation.

Robert Kraft has decided to withhold financial support to Columbia “until corrective action is taken” to address the “virulent hate” that plagues the Manhattan campus. “We have hatred and intimidation taking over,” Kraft stated. However, he will continue to fund the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life at the school as he believes it to be a “haven for professors and students who don’t feel safe” on campus.

Anti-Israel remarks and pro-Hamas statements made by experienced faculty from Columbia Joseph Massad and Mohamed Abdou were part of a reference made by lawmakers during a congressional hearing on antisemitism in the school’s campus. The protests have reached a stage where students are chanting slogans that can be deemed as antisemitic in nature and pro-Hamas.

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