Seth Rollins undergoes successful knee surgery after being declared as the MVP of WrestleMania XL by The Rock 

The Visionary came out of WrestleMania in bits and pieces.

Seth Rollins undergoes successful knee surgery after being declared as the MVP of WrestleMania XL by The Rock 

Seth Rollins and The Rock [via- WWE]

If it wasn’t for Seth Rollins enticing Roman Reigns to take a swing with a steel chair at his back, Cody Rhodes would’ve never been crowned the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XL. The Visionary stayed true to his word by acting as Rhodes’ shield against The Tribal Chief. While everyone was giving Rollins his flowers for a herculean outing in Philadelphia, they didn’t know he had a pretty badly banged-up knee.


As revealed by his wife, Becky Lynch, on The Late Late Show, Seth Rollins underwent surgery this past Tuesday for a torn meniscus. It comes on the heels of The Rock recently adjudging the 37-year-old as the MVP of WrestleMania XL. On Night 1, Seth joined forces with Cody to take on a formidable duo of Rock and Roman Reigns. Following a 44-minute-long tussle, the Samoan stalwarts came out on top.

Rollins was in such a quagmire, knowing deep inside that he’d have to go out first and defend his World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday. He was battered, laid heavily on duct tape, and stood toe-to-toe with Drew McIntyre. Seth threw the kitchen sink at McIntyre, but the latter reimbursed him with interest. The Scot made him pay for every ounce of heart and soul Rollins had put in to back Cody Rhodes.

Meanwhile, all he had to do was leave him stranded in his story and mind his own business, per The Scottish Warrior. The Architect ended up losing the world title after a barn-burner of a match. As he bowed out of the ring, Rollins was reduced to voluminous tears. In a behind-the-scenes photo, he was seen hugging WWE CCO Triple H.


What is the expected timeframe for Seth Rollins’ return?

Currently, there’s no word on how long Seth Rollins will need to be out following his recent surgery. Back during the build-up to WrestleMania 40, he sustained a Grade 2 MCL tear in addition to a partially torn meniscus.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins (via WWE)

Despite an initial scare, The Drip God was able to dodge the bullet and crawl his way back into the fray. It could be deduced that those minor tears ended up getting aggravated. And now, The Kingslayer is off on his road to recovery.

There are a ton of money-making matchups he could be a part of when he returns. A certain Tribal Chief may have some unfinished business with The Visionary after the latter cost him his title at the 1316-day mark.

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