Why did Victoria Azarenka split with her ex-boyfriend? Know all about their love life and tragic dispute

Victoria Azarenka's infamous split with beau Billy McKeague over custody of their son Leo garnered attention tour-wide.

Why did Victoria Azarenka split with her ex-boyfriend? Know all about their love life and tragic dispute

Billy Mckeague is the ex-boyfriend of the tennis professional Victoria Azarenka. The couple started dating immediately after meeting for the first time.

They also have a son, Leo together. The duo parted ways in 2017, thereby leading to a legal custody battle.

You don’t know how someone is going to react at a young age being a dad, but he loves Leo so much and is very affectionate--He understands what I want to do right now, and he’s also willing to sacrifice his time away from his family as well for the next five, six years for me to be done with this chapter of my life of playing.
 Azarenka once said

Some Billy McKeague history

Billy Mckeague was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA to parents Lynn and Chase Mckeague. He has two siblings, Charlie and Lisa McKeague. He completed his high school studies at Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis in 2007. As he got older, he realized that he was more interested in the arts. McKeague completed his graduation in Speech and Dramatic Art from the University of Missouri.

Billy McKeague discovered his interest in the sport of hockey at an early age. He used to work hard in order to pursue his passion. He even got the opportunity to play Elite Hockey while attending the University of Missouri.

Much to his family’s surprise, he left hockey in the last year of his college. Despite being exceptional in golf, he never considered pursuing a career in the same. However, after leaving hockey, he started taking an interest in golf regularly.

Victoria Azarenka with Billy McKeague
Victoria Azarenka with Billy McKeague

Consequently, he received an offer to move to Kauai, the North Shore of Hawaii, to become an instructor, better known as ‘Golf Pro’, at their resort.

Why’d the two call it quits?

Billy McKeague and Victoria Azarenka met for the very first time in Hawaii at the North Shores Resorts. Mckeague used to work in the resort as a golf pro. After the meeting, the couple instantly fell in love and started dating. The couple also bought a property in Manhattan Beach, California, after they started seeing each other. Everything was going really well and in December 2016, Victoria Azarenka gave birth to a very beautiful baby.

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But due to undisclosed reasons and problems, they parted ways in 2017. But Azarenka and Mckeague couldn’t agree on custody agreements for their kid. And following that, the former couple found themselves in a heated custody dispute.

In the initial months of 2017, It was reported that Azarenka had won an early stage of the US custody proceedings, and her son Leo, is currently living with her. The former World no 1 even had to miss a few of her important tournaments because of legal trouble.

The tennis professional managed to close the case against Billy Mckeague with a win in 2020. Victoria Azarenka and her son, Leo, were also quarantined together during the lockdown in 2020. And since then, she’s not dating anyone.

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