“I raised my level today”- Alexander Zverev wins through another thrilling encounter with Brandon Nakashima

In the opening set, Zverev and Nakashima served exceptionally well.

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev

At Roland Garros, Alexander Zverev dominated Brandon Nakashima, although he nearly threw away the third set in typical Sascha fashion, eventually winning 7-6(2) 6-3 7-6. (5).

The match between Zverev and Nakashima was excellent, with the American putting forth a strong performance. Zverev had to dive deep into his bag of tactics to come out on top in three sets, but he did it. It’s a significant improvement over his previous encounter in that he didn’t wait for two sets to start playing well. In the opening set, Zverev and Nakashima served exceptionally well.

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“It was a very different match”- Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev

Neither of them allowed much, and the few breaks they did allow were easily saved. Zverev, on the other hand, stepped up in the tiebreak and won 7-2. For the tiebreak to remain close, Brandon Nakashima made far too many blunders. The second set was another strong performance from Zverev, but this time he dominated right away. On his serve, he never had an issue, and one break was more than enough to secure the victory.

The third set was a true showdown between the two players. Both players produced outstanding performances, with Zverev taking the opening break 3-2. Nakashima regained the lead after a terrible game in which he made a double and a handful of blunders. Both cruised from there and ended up in a tiebreak. Early on, Nakashima was a little crisper, grabbing a 4-2 lead. With some outstanding performance, Alexander Zverev won five of the next six points to win the match 7-5. Zverev’s performance improved significantly from the previous round, resulting in a solid win. At the French Open, he’s on a winning streak.

After the match, in his on-court interview, the German said, “I think I raised my level today. Obviously, it was a very different match you know. I was down 2 sets to love, was down a break in a fifth set, and I was down the match point the other day so I prefer this. This is much more better for me. I don’t lose so much hair, I can still grow old so. It was a great atmosphere. I think the atmosphere was amazing. It goes from booing to Mexican wave to cheering to screaming, everything is there so it’s very enjoyable.”

When asked about his Olympic Gold medal, Sascha stated, “I have said it a lot of times, I think there is nothing bigger than the Olympic games. I think nothing compares to the Gold medal, not a single trophy, no matter how much prize money, no matter anything. You play for those kinda moments, you play for the passion of the game. I will never trade my Gold medal for anything in the World.”

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