‘Yes, I’m a bad guy but,” The Rock breaks character to respond to the ‘ultimate bad guy’ comments from former Women’s Champion

The Rock shared a wholesome message to Natalya after her recent remarks.

‘Yes, I’m a bad guy but,” The Rock breaks character to respond to the ‘ultimate bad guy’ comments from former Women’s Champion

The Rock (via WWE)

WWE has been on a tear lately. One of the reasons for such a surge in programming is the Great One, The Rock. He was a constant part of WWE throughout the road to WrestleMania. Now, after he has gone back to Hollywood, he has shared a response to recent comments by the ‘Queen of Harts’, Natalya.

Recently, Natalya posted a special message for The Rock after he revealed that he was heading back to Hollywood. The People’s Champion replied to the same message by saying that even the bad guys can be kind-hearted as well. He praised the Queen of Harts and mentioned that his mother misses her very much.

Yes, I’m a bad guy but even the bad guys can be kind and warm too;)So much love and respect for you and your family always @NatbyNature Keep raising the bar, and kicking ass. See you soon! My mom, says she misses you:)
The Rock to Natalya on X

These were pretty wholesome remarks by the Final Boss. It was quite contrasting behavior to what he showed to Cody Rhodes a few days/weeks ago. Furthermore, the former Women’s Champion meant to say that even though the ‘Brahma Bull’ plays a heel on screen, he is warm and caring in real life.

Over the top, the Great One had an amazing WrestleMania for a few days. He wrestled for the first time in 8 years against Rhodes and Seth Rollins. This week on Raw, he had an interesting interaction with the American Nightmare. It is going to be interesting to see when the People’s Champion is going to return to WWE once again after his Hollywood schedule is over.

The Rock expressed gratitude towards major announcement

The Rock delivered absolute greatness with his performance on the road to WrestleMania. It was a spectacular sight to see the People’s Champion back in action. This amazing feat made him the most iconic WWE superstar of all time, according to a survey conducted by 2K Games. Around 72% of gamers voted for him in the category. The Brahma Bull reacted to this news by showing gratitude to his fans.

The Rock
The Rock (via WWE)

The Final Boss posted this on his X, saying that he was blown away by this fact. He expressed thanks to his fans for making him achieve such an iconic feat. Furthermore, he stated that professional wrestling is in his blood, and he has immense respect for the sport for life.

Absolutely blown away. Love you back. THANK YOU. Pro wrestling is in my blood. Respect, passion, grit, love. 4L - Final Boss
The Rock on X

This wholesome response by the Great One, generated a lot of hype around his name as fans expressed their love for him. Besides, they even sounded excited to see what’s next for the Final Boss in WWE, as he has teased a program with Cody Rhodes in the future.

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