“Rock and Cody’s engagement ring??”- Fans hilariously react to The Rock handing Cody Rhodes an undisclosed object on Raw 

The bitter rivals were pitted against each other to kick things off.

“Rock and Cody’s engagement ring??”- Fans hilariously react to The Rock handing Cody Rhodes an undisclosed object on Raw 

The Rock and Cody Rhodes on Raw [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

Cody Rhodes‘ first day at the office as the brand-new Undisputed WWE Champion was perplexing. He ended up getting handed an undisclosed object by The Rock, which sparked unbridled speculation about what that could be. While the fans may have to hold on to it, last night’s exchange between Rock and Rhodes was replete with cryptic messages. The Great One gave Cody his flowers for finally finishing his story with Roman Reigns.

However, fans came unglued when The Rock asserted that while Cody’s saga with Reigns might be over, theirs has just begun. The Hollywood actor also confirmed that he’d be stepping away from WWE for a while. It falls in line with Dwayne Johnson‘s schedule to begin filming for The Smashing Machine, a biographical film based on UFC great Mark Kerr‘s life journey, this May.

But soon after the announcement, Rock made it clear as daylight that he’d be coming back for The American Nightmare. There was a moment in their segment where both men exchanged their titles for a bit. It seemed so out of place that even the crowd started chanting, “This is awkward.” Nonetheless, a future one-on-one showdown was strongly hinted at as the 45-minute opening stretch came to a close.

While many believe that their singles bout could easily be the main event of this year’s SummerSlam, it would solely depend on The Brahma Bull’s acting commitments. This past Saturday at WrestleMania XL, the 51-year-old had his first WWE match in eight years. He, along with Roman Reigns, beat Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. As such, The Final Boss put some weight behind the fact that he was the one who pinned the former AEW EVP.

WWE fans come up with guesses to decode the exchange between The Rock and Cody Rhodes

When Rock gave something to Rhodes, he said the latter didn’t even have to open his hand to know what it was. As a result, it made the fans channel their half-hilarious, half-logical guesses about it. A fan claimed that it would’ve been the same lighter Rock might’ve used to set Cody’s tour bus on fire.

The Rock and Cody Rhodes
The Rock and Cody Rhodes [via- Fightful Wrestling on X]

Another guy landed three picks. The first was that it could be his late father, Dusty Rhodes‘ Hall of Fame ring. Second, he said it may have been Roman Reigns‘ Rolex. And he joked a bit about his third, wondering if it was the engagement ring that Rhodes and Johnson shared.

An interesting guess relayed that it could be the safety deposit to the winged-eagle title, something that The Undeniable One’s been clamoring to bring back to WWE.

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