Twitter Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Mike Evans Gave Away Tom Brady’s 600th-Touchdown Pass Ball

This is how Twitter reacted to Mike Evans making a historical blunder that involved Tom Brady's new record.

Tom Brady set the world ablaze with a new feather in his crown as he went on to pen the record of the 600th touchdown pass with a nine-yarder to Mike Evans. The man who has been defying age for a while now in one of the most brutal games in history simply set another benchmark that almost looks unachievable.

His team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ran roughshod over the Chicago Bears as they walked away with the bragging rights in a pretty lopsided encounter as the scoreline read 38-3. There were a couple of moments that grabbed the limelight for the day. The most emphatic one that sent ripples down the ocean of adulation towards Brady was when he ran to a kid whose sign read that Brady helped him beat brain cancer and gave him a cap and shook his hands.

Mike Evans just grabbed the limelight after he foiled Tom Brady’s celebration with historical blunder

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Tom Brady

The second one of the night involved a historical one that also had a trail of humour following it. Brady racked up his 600th touchdown pass by throwing a nine-yarder to a rushing Evans and the latter completed a brilliant catch to give fruition to the humdinger record of TB12. However, as a part of the jubilant celebration, Evans gave away the ball to the audience which has been a signature event in his career given the charitable work that he continues off the field.

However, a few things are better if kept on the field, given the historical legacy that hustles in their trail. Similarly, after Mike Evans gave away one of the most important souvenirs in the antiquity of the NFL, there was a historic negotiation that followed to get the ball back from the audience. The man in the stands reluctantly gave away the ball after the promise of a signed jersey from Brady and another match-ball. By the way, you should have taken a look at his face when the match ball was taken from him. Twitter couldn’t stop their laughter after this remarkable incident in the stands that would split anyone’s sides, especially if you are a collector.

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