“No one wanted us” – Dana White reveals Donald Trump was main reason for UFC to flourish in early days

UFC President Dana White reveals why he will never go against Donald Trump. White talks on the Tucker Carlson Show about the former President.

Dana White Trump
Dana White and Donald Trump

Dana White and Donald Trump have been friends for a long time. Little did we all know that the former president played a major role in building the UFC.

Mixed martial arts was never the most mainstream sport in the world. Especially in the United States of America, according to Dana White, UFC and mixed martial arts were never welcomed because of the stigma surrounding them. Thanks to Donald Trump, UFC was able to kick start its business to the next level when no other venues were allowing them to put on shows.

White was recently in an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News and spoke about politics and how he kept his business running. When asked about his friendship with Trump, White revealed an emotional story of how supportive the former president has been of the sport and White.

“When we bought this company, it had such a bad stigma attached to it in the sport. We couldn’t even get into venues,” said White. “He [Trump] offered us to come to do the event at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Cut us a very fair deal and we went down there and did two events with him,” added the UFC boss talking about his friend.

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How Dana White ended up speaking at the Republican convention

Dana White Donald Trump
Dana White and Donald Trump – (IMAGO/ ZUMA Wire)

Back when Trump decided to run for President of the United States, one of the biggest celebrities who backed the businessman was UFC’s President, Dana White. The UFC was already a very good friend of Trump and decided to help out the politician during the elections.

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White was heavily criticized for supporting such a controversial figure and still decided to speak at the Republican convention during the Trump rally. When Trump decided to run for President, White was personally called by the politician and requested to speak at the Republican convention.

“I’ll tell you what, after that day, when I spoke for him at the convention, our friendship went to another level. This guy has been so good to me it’s unexplainable,” said the UFC boss.

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