“Training wise I like ,” Demetrious Johnson picks between 3 round fight vs 5 round fight in MMA

Demetrious Johnson tells Sean O'Malley's coach his training preferences in latest YouTube video.

“Training wise I like ,” Demetrious Johnson picks between 3 round fight vs 5 round fight in MMA

Demetrious Johnson on his training (Image via Imago)

Demetrious Johnson recently sat down with Sean O’Malley‘s coach Tim Welch. The team is recently coming off a win against Chito Vera at UFC 299. In that interview, Demetrius Johnson revealed a lot about his training regiment and his preferences when it comes to preparing for matches. Here is what happened:


In that hour-long episode, they talked about multiple topics ranging from training to fighting championships and everything in between. Welch asked Johnson about his training regiment and whether he liked training three rounds or five rounds better. To this, Demetrious Johnson replied:

I think body-wise, like just training-wise I like three rounds better just because you can kind of get it in and get it done. But then, I mean if I have to choose I'll always go with three rounds now being 37 years old.
Demetrious Johnson via his YouTube channel

Johnson revealed that when he trained for a five-round fight everything was catered to that twenty-five-minute markup. He revealed that all his swimming, conditioning, and running sprints were 25 minutes. But then when he went back to fighting three-round fights, his conditioning was less. Everything was less. So his body was not breaking down as much. Many believe that during his prime he was the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world.

Mighty Mouse revealed that he started to enjoy the 3 round training. Unfortunately, when he went back to the five-round fights he felt exhausted doing more conditioning and more sparring. He felt like it mentally wore his body down to the point where he got to the fight and was not enthusiastic enough to fight the five rounds.


Demetrious Johnson talks about leaving MMA and becoming a content creator

Last month, Johnson did an interview with The Sun. In that interview, Johnson revealed that he intends to focus on building his brand and YouTube channel. He revealed that he wanted to share his knowledge with the world in a safer career.

Demetrious Johnson
Will Demetrious Johnson retire from ONE Championship ( Image source: X )

Johnson said that it was simply him getting ready for the back end of his career. He has always wanted to build his brand and has streamed on Twitch and now YouTube for nine years. Mighty Mouse counted this as the evolution of his brand just building. The former UFC champion wanted to give his fans a different side to how his life operated and what kept him so busy and successful.

He expressed his love for breaking down fights and highlighted that he can do it from the house next to his wife and kids. Johnson emphasized that he is a content creator, not a journalist, and that he never planned to interview and do podcasts with people. Rather, Johnson truly enjoys creating the content he creates.

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