“DONT FORCE YOUR SON” – Fans make brutal comments on Conor McGregor persuading his son to fight

Conor McGregor has a completely different side when he is with his children. The Irishman recently showed off a video of him training with his kid.

Conor McGregor son training
Conor McGregor with his son
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It is never easy being a celebrity in the world of the internet and if you’re a celebrity of Conor McGregor’s level, there is no escaping from the world judging every single move you make. The Irishman cannot catch a break on the internet, even if it has to do with something sweet as spending time with his family.

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly the biggest MMA fighter the world has ever seen. The rise of McGregor has not only bought success for him but for the entire sport of mixed martial arts and most importantly to the MMA promotion, UFC. The fighter is a global superstar and is one of the biggest athletes on social media. His following is massive and gets high engagement on social media for anything that he posts.

Conor in recent times has been notorious for posting content on his social media accounts while he was not sober. The fighter has been posting a series of tweets on his Twitter account that many consider to be outrageous and the Irishman has not backed from talking trash to many of his peers. However, recently, the fighter has been training hard to get back into the octagon and the Irishman shared a very wholesome video of him trying to get his son to join the training in a fun session.

The video was posted on his Instagram and the video shows McGregor trying to get his son, Conor Jack McGregor Jr. to train. Though McGregor Jr. is uninterested in the beginning, the Irishman cheers his son up and finally gets him to play along. The video barely shows any evil intent but the comment section was ruthless with its judgment. McGregor does not post his children on the internet very often, when he does, the reception is not always very nice.

Conor McGregor has been out for a year now owing to his injury against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. The fighter has been training to get back into the octagon and finally looks like he is in fight shape. It is still uncertain when the return of the superstar will be but all hints from the fighter suggest he will be fighting in the welterweight division for his next fight.

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Fan reactions to Conor McGregor training with his son

Conor McGregor
Fan draws comparison from Conor’s rival, Floyd Mayweather’s life whose kids are not into fighting

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Conor McGregor
Fans claim the Irishman’s son can’t become a fighter because of his lifestyle
Conor McGregor
Fan pokes fun at Conor’s recent record inside the octagon
Conor McGregor
A contrast of opinion between fans in the comments
Conor McGregor
Another troll making fun of the fighter’s kid
Conor McGregor
Fan refers to Conor’s recent social media behavior

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