“Keep my name out your f**king mouth” – Hollywood Conor McGregor channels inner Will Smith responding to Michael Bisping’s fiery insults

“Keep my name out your f**king mouth” – Hollywood Conor McGregor channels inner Will Smith responding to Michael Bisping’s fiery insults

Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor, Will Smith

Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor would be your two best picks if you had to choose fighters who would never get tired of exchanging insults. The two UK fighters are back to spitting venom at each other.


You’d think there would be some type of camaraderie between two UK fighters who were pioneers in their own respect when it comes to combat sports. However, UFC superstars Michael Bisping and Conor McGregor just don’t seem to like each other at all.

Their new heated exchange started with the Irish superstar taking uncalled shots at “The Count” yesterday in a rant about fighters wanting to go Hollywood after The Notorious One recently bagged a role alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. Bisping did not take too long before he responded to McGregor’s strays.

The Notorious One has once again put out insults towards the former middleweight champ in a series of deleted tweets. “Sh*t fighter, sh*t actor. Sirius XM head” wrote Conor in one of his two deleted tweets. Bisping you’ll do f**k all you little sprinter I’ll cave your head in,” added Mcgregor in another tweet.


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Conor McGregor posts audio message threatening Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping x Roberto Soldic
Michael “The Count” Bisping

After McGregor’s uncalled dig at Bisping, the former middleweight fighter responded to the Irishman on his “Believe you me” podcast. “Why you have got to throw shade my way? I don’t get it. Make sure you got your bodyguards around the next time you come and talk some sh*t you little f**K,” said Bisping in his response.

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McGregor clearly not happy about this response, hit back with a voice note on Twitter which he eventually deleted. However, fans were quick to record the Irishman’s insults. “Do you want to go to war? Do you want to go to f**king war yeah?” said McGregor in his message.


“Security you little sausage of a thing. I’ll let the security search you up…Keep my name out of your f**king mouth,” said McGregor channeling his inner Will Smith. Bisping and McGregor have been exchanging insults for quite some time now and fans are in for an interesting altercation when the two meet each other.

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