“Leftists are snooping on our life,” UFC legend Jose Aldo and wife involved in government scandal

“Leftists are snooping on our life,” UFC legend Jose Aldo and wife involved in government scandal

Jose Aldo and Jair Bolsonaro

UFC featherweight legend, Jose Aldo and his wife, Viviane Pereira are alleged to have received illegal financial handouts from the government of Brazil. Several reports from the South American country point to the ex- champ’s wife receiving money.


Like many other countries, the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked Brazil. The then government led by Jair Bolsonaro had designated funds for welfare. As per the news outlet Extra, Viviane Pereira was one of the persons who received payouts.

Reports suggest that Jose Aldo’s wife received deposits of 600 reais for six months straight in 2020. The ex-champ also received 300 reais in the last two months of the same year. This news has come as shocking for obvious reasons. The scheme was designated only for families which were financially unstable.

Viviane Pereira Oliveira was not registered in Brazil’s social programs. Aldo’s partner has taken to her social media to respond to this scandal. “Just because we put Bolsonaro in our house, the leftists are now snooping on our life. I have never received or registered for emergency help,” she posted.


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Jose Aldo accommodated Jair Bolsonaro in his Florida residence

Jose Aldo and his family

The right-wing ex-leader of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro was not elected for another term in the 2022 elections. Following the defeat, Bolsonaro decided to leave the country and resides in the United States of America. Helping out the ex-leader is UFC legend, Jose Aldo.

Aldo is an icon in Brazil for his accomplishments in the sport of mixed martial arts. Jair Bolsonaro is known to have close friendship with famous athletes like Aldo from MMA and Neymar Jr in Football. Bolsonaro was helped with his accommodation by the former UFC fighter in Florida.

Bolsonaro fled to the USA last December and is staying at a mansion in Orlando, Florida. Jose Aldo is the owner of the Florida property. The mansion was brought for $745,000, according to a report from Forum Magazine. The former featherweight champion is yet to address this scandal. Aldo decided to leave MMA just months before UFC 284. This will be UFC’s first return to Brazil in a long time.


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