“We are not brothers,” UFC Flyweight exposes rejecting Israel Adesanya’s backstage apology issuing fiery street-fight challenge

During the contentious UFC 293 news conference, Manel Kape revealed a conflict with Israel Adesanya.

“We are not brothers,” UFC Flyweight exposes rejecting Israel Adesanya’s backstage apology issuing fiery street-fight challenge

Manel Kape and Israel Adesanya had a confrontation at UFC 293 (Image via Imago)

Manel Kape recently shared an intense encounter involving him and former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. This incident unfolded during the official UFC 293 press conference in Sydney. Kape ignited the spark when he criticized Kai Kara-France, a teammate of Adesanya from City Kickboxing, who had to withdraw from the event due to a concussion sustained during training.


The press conference stage turned into a battleground as Kai Kara-France retorted from the audience. This prompted Kape to launch bottles in his direction. Adesanya, not one to shy away from confrontation, rose on stage to confront Kape, using strong words while security swiftly intervened. Though it seemed like the situation had simmered down, Kape disclosed that Adesanya approached him backstage with an apology.

However, Manel Kape declined Israel Adesanya’s apology, asserting, “We are not brothers. My issue lies with Kai Kara, not you.” He expressed his surprise at Adesanya’s involvement, believing that Kara-France could handle his own problems. During UFC 293, Manel Kape crossed paths with The Last Stylebender again.

Moreover, he claimed that Adesanya “backed down once more.” He boldly declared that if they were on the street with no cameras, he would handle him as well. “Believe me, if he’s in the street with no cameras, I’ll eat you, too,” Kape said.


Manel Kape contended that Adesanya and Kara-France were merely “putting on a show” during the press conference. It was a sober press conference that emphasized that he is genuine and not playing a role. In this intense situation, Kape remained unafraid to hold his ground and unwilling to accept apologies from individuals he views as mere performers in the world of mixed martial arts.

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Israel Adesanya speaks about losing the middleweight title to Sean Strickland

Israel Adesanya finally broke his silence regarding the recent loss of his UFC middleweight title. After opting not to respond to media inquiries and skipping the UFC 293 post-fight press conference, Adesanya shared his thoughts on his YouTube channel.

Israel Adesanya Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland beat former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (Image via Imago)

When asked about his feelings regarding the loss, Adesanya described it as similar to a bad dream. He emphasized that the experience of being in the fight and watching it were two entirely different things. He immediately reached out to his coach to discuss the situation.


The Last Stylebender also gave credit to Sean Strickland and his coaching team for their well-crafted game plan and its flawless execution. Adesanya admitted that he could not establish his rhythm because of his constant pressure. Moreover, he revealed that whenever he would try to set him up, Strickland’s coach came to his aid. Adesanya commended the clever game plan on their part.

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