Alexis Morris Net Worth 2024: How much is she worth?

Know all about former LSU star guard Alexis Morris' impressive net worth, contracts and salary, endorsement deals and more.

Alexis Morris Net Worth 2024: How much is she worth?

Alexis Morris (Twitter)

Alexis Morris and her immense potential in the WNBA had fans waiting for too long. Unfortunately for the former LSU guard, things did not quite work out for the best and perhaps her WNBA dreams will see some more time until they take full form on the league’s courts. Nevertheless, the youngster has already made an impressive fortune during her college career and here’s all you need to know about Alexis Morris’ net worth. 


Born June 9, 1999, Alexis spent the majority of her childhood in Texas. She originally attended the Legacy Christian Academy and played basketball throughout high school. A passionate athlete since her early years, Morris had been a standout basketball player during her high school days. 

Although it was in Baylor that Alexis Morris would start her college career, it was unfortunately short-lived, and after certain transfers to Rutgers and Texas A&M, the guard finally found her harbor in LSU. An NCAA Champion in her own right, Morris had been spectacular for the Tigers as they soared through the tournament to lift the final crown of glory. 

Unfortunately for Morris, despite her stellar success in her college career, she was waived by the Connecticut Sun shortly after being drafted into the WNBA. But the former LSU guard has already made an impressive fortune for herself, and here’s how.


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Alexis Morris’ Net Worth 

Alexis Morris

As of 2023, Alexis Morris has an estimated net worth that goes around an impressive $500,000 for a freshly out-of-college athlete. She has earned a significant portion of her fortune from NIL deals and brand endorsements. 

Following her Championship glory with LSU in the 2023 Finals, Morris was shot to national fame for her spectacular on-court displays. Various brands approached the athlete with endorsement deal offers that included law firms, fast-food chains and more.

Contracts and Salary 

Alexis Morris

As college athletes, basketball athletes do not receive payments but are allowed to sign NIL deals. Players can earn significantly from NIL deals during their college careers. Alexis Morris has been no exception. Despite her tenure at Baylor, Rutgers, Texas, and LSU – the college basketball athlete has not received any salary but had signed NIL deals.



Alexis Morris

Alexis Morris has signed quite a few endorsement deals with brands during her college career. The LSU guard had been approached for NIL deals on certain occasions that have eventually added to Alexis Morris’ overall net worth. 

She signed with Gordon Kernan, which is a Baton Rouge-based law firm, in late 2021. Morris had also partnered with the fast-food chain Raising Caine, among others. Although there isn’t much information as to whether Alexis has signed with any sneaker brand, it is evident the athlete prefers Nike on the court.


Did Alexis Morris win the NCAA Championship? 

Alexis Morris won the NCAA national title with LSU in 2023.

Is Alexis Morris playing professional basketball? 

Alexis Morris is not playing professionally, although she did start her professional career with the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA.


Did Alexis Morris sign any NIL deals?

Alexis Morris has signed multiple NIL deals throughout her college career. 

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