“Our own Hall of Fame”: Charlotte Flair opens up about comparison with Ric Flair

Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair reveals how she deals with comparison with her father Ric Flair.

charlotte flair

Charlotte Flair is the most successful woman in the history of WWE, in terms of number of title reigns. She has been with the company since 2013 and had started out on their developmental brand – NXT. On the black and gold brand, she managed to win the NXT Women’s Championship twice, one of which came during her stint on the main roster!

But this isn’t all. Flair has also won the Raw Women’s Championship six times in her career and the Divas Championship once. She is currently in her sixth reign as the Smackdown Women’s Champion – taking her overall World Championship reigns to 13. There has been no other woman in the history of the company who has won as many titles.

Interestingly, there are only a handful of men in the company who’ve won the title more than Charlotte Flair. The men who hold the record for most number of titles are John Cena and Flair’s father – Ric Flair. “The Nature Boy” has won the world titles 16 times throught his career which is an all-time record.

Their dominant runs are just another fact that the fans and critics can compare between Charlotte Flair and Ric Flair. Recently, the Smackdown Women’s Champion appeared for an interview with Hindustan Times where she was asked about how she deals with the comparison. Flair confidently mentioned that they would eventually get their own wing in the WWE Hall of Fame for themselves.

“I don’t feel the pressure anymore because one day people are going to realize there will never ever be a family due like Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair. Never. We will need our own wing in the Hall of Fame,” she mentioned.

Former WWE Superstar wants his daughter to face Charlotte Flair

charlotte flair
Smackdown Women’s Champion

Charlotte Flair is one of the best Superstars on the roster. There might be innumerable Superstars who wish to go head to head someday against the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Former Superstar Santino Marella while appearing on Rene Dupree’s Café de Rene podcast mentioned that he wants his daughter to face Flair.

The plan was really always about my daughter. I was a vehicle to make the opportunity for her. She’s gonna surpass anything I did in this business. She’ll be wrestling Charlotte in the main event in a couple of years,” mentioned Marella.

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