“First-time ever”: Paul Heyman discusses Roman Reigns – Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania match

Paul Heyman reveals why Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 38 is a “first-time-ever” match.

brock lesnar
Lesnar and Heyman

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are gearing up for what could be one of the biggest Wrestlemania main events of all time. While the Tribal Chief is guaranteed to walk into the Showcase of Immortals as the Universal Champion. But the Beast Incarnate might have to overcome a few roadbloacks before he enters Mania.

This feud had kicked off at Summerslam 2021 when Lesnar made his shocking return to WWE. This feud was initially planned to be a trilogy fight. As per the plan, the two Superstars collided at Crown Jewel 2021 – where Reigns managed to retain his title after interferences from Paul Heyman and The Usos.

The second match was supposed to take place at Day 1 – but Reigns had tested positive for Covid. As a consequence, Brock Lesnar ended up winning the WWE Championship. The Beast Incarnate even won the Men’s Royal Rumble match and announced that he will be going after the Universal title. The second bout never took place and they are scheduled to collided right at Wrestlemania 38.

When we see Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar colliding at Wrestlemania 38 – it is bound to be a huge bout. But at the same time, we have already seen these two behemoths colliding against one another on several occasions. But Paul Heyman, who appeared as a guest on the Zaslow Show, still believes that their Mania collision is going to a “first-time-ever” match.

“I don’t really view this as a trilogy fight. I view this as a first-time-ever because this is the first time that Brock Lesnar is stepping into the ring at WrestleMania with the Tribal Chief. And I think that anything that’s happened before Roman Reigns was the Tribal Chief is the prelude to the run of Roman Reigns’ career that will go down in history as the greatest of all time,” mentioned Heyman.

Brock Lesnar could lose the title before Wrestlemania

brock lesnar
WWE Champion

The Beast Incarnate currently holds the WWE Championship. Prior to winning the title at the Elimination Chamber, he had won the Royal Rumble to ensure his Wrestlemania main-event match. While his match at the Showcase of Immortals is already being advertised as the Winner Takes All title unification match.

But there is a possibility that Brock Lesnar doesn’t walk into Mania as a Champion. He is scheduled to put his title on the line at the Madison Square Garden event. Initially, Lesnar was supposed to battle against Bobby Lashley but he has been ruled out with a shoulder injury. The new opponent is yet to be announced.

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