How to watch WWE Raw in 2025?

WWE Raw has been bringing smiles to the faces of the people for over three decades.

How to watch WWE Raw in 2025?

Monday Night Raw (via Noticias Del Mundo)

WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw, is one of the longest-running weekly shows of all time. Raw has been identified as the A-show of WWE, with SmackDown being treated as the lesser one. The show has been spreading joy for 31+ years and continues to dominate the Monday Night spot with impressive ratings. However, from 2025 onward, the red-brand show will undergo a major change as it will get shifted from cable television, USA Network, to the biggest OTT platform, Netflix.


The $5 billion agreement made in January 2024 stated that Raw would be broadcast on Netflix starting in January 2025. The three-hour show will be brought to the platform for the entirety of the US as well as the UK, Canada, and Latin America. It is known the deal has been made for 10 years, which will allow more regions to join the broadcasting rights for Raw. Apart from the aforementioned regions, the rest world will continue to air Monday Night Raw as they were practicing before the deal.

Apart from Raw, Netflix would be the home for other WWE shows and specials around the world. The TV-PG-rated show has completed 1600 episodes during its three decades of existence on various networks. The current broadcast happens on USA Network, bringing in the 18-49 advertising demographic.

The parent company of WWE, TKO Group Holdings, has played a huge role in this major programming shift. WWE CEO, Nick Khan stated the partnership will ensure an ever-growing fan base for Raw. The deal will experience the inevitable growth of the A-show, as the essence of storytelling with sheer entertainment is the commonality between WWE and Netflix.


The history of Monday Night Raw’s broadcasters

The inception of Monday Night Raw on January 11, 1993, saw it air live on the USA Network. At that time it was known as WWF Raw which was sixty minutes long. Over the course of the next two years, Raw dominated the wrestling scenario until WCW’s Monday Night Nitro gave them a run for their money. To compete with Nitro in 1997, WWE shifted to a two-hour format for better Nielsen ratings.

Raw on USA Network
Raw on USA Network (Via: Wrestlenomics)

In mid-2000, Viacom landed on a deal with WWE to premiere Raw on TNN (now Paramount Network). The show, then known as Raw is War due to their rivalry with WCW, was brought back to Raw. After WCW and WWF were merged, an abundance of talent saw a brand extension, with SmackDown and Raw being treated with two various divisions. Shortly after, WWF also legally changed to WWE.

In 2005, Viacom and WWE decided to not re-sign their deal, ending Raw’s programming on Spike TV (TNN changed to Spike in April 2003). A three-year deal then brought Raw back to NBC’s USA Network. On the 1000th episode of Raw on July 23, 2012, the show began a permanent three-hour format that has continued till now. Raw’s partnership with USA Network will end in 2025 due to its jump on Netflix.

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