“Is it fake?” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson reveals the truth behind the mysterious T-rex skeleton

Hollywood Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson clears the air surrounding the $31.8 million T-Rex skeleton seen in his office.

the rock
Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is one of the most popular global personalities. He is a former professional wrestler, businessman and an actor. Dwayne Johnson became a household after he was signed by WWE, then known as World Wrestling Federation, in 1996. Often considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Johnson was an integral part of the company during the Attitude Era.

While he continues to make sporadic appearances on WWE till date, he departed from the company as a full-time performer in 2004 to pursue a career in acting. In Hollywood too, the People’s Champion managed to gain immense success and today, he is considered to be one of the world’s highest – paid as well as highest – grossing actors!

But this isn’t all, The Rock is a hands-on businessman as well and has invested in several ventures. He is the co-founder of an entertainment production company and also co-owns the American Football League, XFL. Johnson closely follows Football and was recently invited as a guest on “ManningCast” with Peyton and Eli Manning.

They watched the Los Angeles Rams secure a win over the Arizona Cardinals. While one would expect that fans would focus on Rock’s take on the NFL playoffs, the viewers focussed on something completely different. A full-sized T-Rex Skull, whom Johnson has named Stan, was seen in the background and that’s exactly what got the fans talking about.

The viewers quickly started associating this skull with the dinosaur fossil of the same that was sold at an auction in 2020. This isn’t all. The fossil was sold at a humongous amount of $31.8 million, and surprisingly, the identity of the buyer was never revealed. The fans quickly started speculating that Dwayne Johnson was in fact the mystery buyer.

The Rock revealed that the Skull is just a replica

dwayne johnson
The Rock revealed his Stan is a replica

As more and more people started believing that The Rock was the mysterious buyer of the original dinosaur fossil, The Rock himself took to Instagram to clear the air. He revealed that the skull in his office was just a replica – and he owned just the replica of Stan.

“My love, respect, fascination and curiosity for paleontological & archeological science runs deep – and if I was the proud owner of the real STAN, I sure as hell wouldn’t keep him in my office” – read a part of Johnson’s Instagram caption. He even mentioned that the replica had been purchased from The Black Hills Institute of Geological research and Paleontological Excavations, and shared their photo too!

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