36-year-old Superstar tries to snub Dominik Mysterio as he offers Rhea Ripley to form a new mixed tag team with him after Raw

WWE Universe is curious to see Rhea Ripley being offered to become a Tag Team partner of an NXT Superstar who snubbed Dominik Mysterio.

36-year-old Superstar tries to snub Dominik Mysterio as he offers Rhea Ripley to form a new mixed tag team with him after Raw

Dominik Mysterio, WWE Superstar and Rhea Ripley (via WWE)

WWE Universe was elated when the Viper, Randy Orton kicked off Raw after Survivor Series 2023. Rhea Ripley then emerged to confront him on his actions. It seems the Nightmare’s attire caught the attention of NXT Superstar, Dijak. He has seemingly offered to form a Tag Team with her.

As can be seen, the Eradicator chose to don the regular black latex attire. To further add to its Neo-Gothic Vibe, she paired it with a black trench coat. This coat is also a staple attire of Dijak, who can be seen on NXT every week. What could also be inferred is the snubbing of Dominik Mysterio.


Dijak was really impressed by Ripley’s style statement. It seems the Dispenser of Justice chose to deliberately ignore the son of the Legendary Luchador, Rey Mysterio. Dominik absolutely adores Ripley, it would be interesting to see if he has any response to this proposal.

Meanwhile, the Eradicator seems to have loosened up a bit as she decimated Zoey Stark. They both squared up in a singles contest for the Women’s World Heavyweight Title. Mami was able to successfully defend her title as she pinned the rising star in a decisive fashion.

Rhea Ripley gave Dominik Mysterio “extra” for the Show

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley have a bond that is enjoyed by several fans. Recently, Dirty Dom was seen on NXT Commentary during the Main Event. It was a fatal four-way match to determine whether Wes Lee gets to face him at NXT Deadline or not.


Lee faced the chosen former North American Champions. They were Johnny Gargano, Cameron Grimes, and Bronson Reed. The North American Champion revealed how his Mami gave him extra allowance to bring Reed to the match.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley
Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley (via WWE)

Despite such measures, Wes Lee was able to emerge victorious. Reed, who was a big investment on the part of Mysterio, was ambushed by Ivar and couldn’t make it back to the ring. It would be interesting whether Dirty Dom would be able to defend his title once again at the NXT Deadline or not.

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