CM Punk savagely trolls 37-year-old superstar through an amusing Instagram post after being called a hypocrite on Raw

The Best in the World threw a shade at Seth Rollins for the latter's inappropriate mannerisms at Survivor Series.

CM Punk savagely trolls 37-year-old superstar through an amusing Instagram post after being called a hypocrite on Raw

CM Punk [via- WWE]

CM Punk‘s unprecedented return to WWE has roped in unfathomable highs for the company. As mentioned by The Best in the World on Raw this week, almost everyone welcomed him back with open arms. He took a pause while smirking at the camera, and fans in the arena knew that Punk was about to name Seth Rollins, but he didn’t. Everyone witnessed Rollins going berserk and hurling obscenities at Punk at Survivor Series.

For sure, WWE has these two lined-up for a long-term feud. And the teases have already started to glance at the surface. Recently, CM Punk shared a fan-made caricature of the leaked footage from Chicago, where The Visionary was fuming in anger. Meanwhile, CM Punk spotted Randy Orton sitting inside the double-caged structure, and both waved at each other.


Punk found the said caricature fantastic, as mentioned in his story. Viewers tuning into this week’s Raw would’ve been hoping for a bone-chilling confrontation between CM Punk and Seth Rollins. However, it didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, it couldn’t stop Rollins from adjudging Punk a hypocrite. Instead, both superstars got separate promo time. By the looks of it, WWE isn’t looking to rush their eventual faceoff. The burn would be slow, and at some point, the individuals with mutual disdain for each other would collide.


Punk’s return promo on Raw didn’t give a clear indication of who’s going to be his first opponent in WWE. Of course, Seth Rollins creeps in as an obvious choice, but that’s a WrestleMania-caliber showdown, and the promotion would want to heat up things as much as they possibly could. The fans could expect to gain an implicit answer to all the CM Punk queries in the days to come.

How did the CM Punk-WWE deal happen?

There’s been an unscathed vagueness encompassing CM Punk’s WWE return and how it came through. A few reports stated that Punk inked a deal about 10 days prior to Survivor Series after an hour-long conversation with Triple H. Another significant update has emerged on The Best in the World’s WWE homecoming. According to Sports Illustrated, WWE did not chase Punk to begin with.

CM Punk posing with Triple H
CM Punk posing with Triple H [via- Triple H on X]

Moreover, it was the 45-year-old controversial figure who opened the lines of communication and listened to whatever WWE asked from him before signing the contract. Notably, The Second City Savior agreed to the terms and conditions, and that’s how Punk shocked the world.


And for some reason, it appears like Punk is down to being open to everyone, unlike his previous outings. He even spent a lot of time after this week’s Raw signing autographs and clicking pictures with the fans.

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