“If I die in the ring,” Former WWE Champion provides update on his injury while hinting at his in-ring retirement

Former WWE Champion Big E recently provided a heart-touching update on his injury and life.

“If I die in the ring,” Former WWE Champion provides update on his injury while hinting at his in-ring retirement

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The New Day is one of the most loved factions in WWE. One of the members of the group, Big E, has been out of action since March 11, 2022, because of a neck injury. It was inflicted during a match against the Brawling Brutes on SmackDown. In a recent talk show, the former WWE Champion provided an update on his injury.

Appearing on Busted Open Radio via Fightful, Big E revealed that he is recovering well and currently has no issues. He also said that he has visited a few doctors and the scan reports were all normal. However, the nature of the injury is complex and takes longer than required to heal completely.

Big E implicitly hinted at retiring from his pro wrestling career as he stated how the meaning of life has changed for him. He said that when he was 23, he vehemently had a notion that he would even embrace death if that meant wrestling. However, the former WWE Champion poignantly said that now he does not hold that theory anymore.

At 37, Big E reflects on life beyond wrestling, suggesting retirement may be preferable to risking further injury. The New Day values a fulfilling life beyond wrestling.

I started wrestling when I was 23, and at the time, I was like, 'If I die in the ring, doing what I love, so be it.' I'm 37 now and you see life differently and you have other things to think about. I'm trying to make the best decision for myself and my health moving forward.
Big E on Busten Open Radio

Big E remains undecided about his future but assures fans he’s taking time to make the best decision for himself. Despite facing a potential in-ring retirement due to injury, he finds solace in the power of positivity and the support of his fans.

Big E, who is a former WWE Champion, has multiple accolades to his name during his time with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. He has contributed a lot during his time outside the WWE ring. Big E works on Our Heroes Rock with Andreas Hale and Jonathan Davenport and is also a part of other WWE charitable initiatives.

WWE had plans for The New Day reunion

It’s been quite too long since the fans saw the complete New Day in action together. While Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods proudly carry the name, fans cannot help but notice a void. It exists in the form of Big E’s absence ever since his injury in early 2022. Back in March this year, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE wanted to do a New Day reunion at WrestleMania.

I don't think if anything will come of this or if Kingston's injury changes this, but we had heard of an idea for E to be at WrestleMania and the three of them would come out together if that would be the right thing to do and if E could come back soon
Dave Meltzer on The New Day reunion
The New Day on SmackDown
The New Day on SmackDown (via WWE)

However, that never materialized as Big E was injured and went on hiatus. Moreover, back then, Kofi Kingston also suffered a foot injury that required surgery. Therefore, the potential plans for a reunion never came to fruition. WWE had planned a major segment for the group, which had to be scrapped.

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