Chris Jericho talks about the possibility of returning to WWE in future

Chris Jericho, a WWE legend, has been working for AEW as a consistent top star since 2019. Recently, he discussed the possibility of him returning to the place where he became a wrestling icon, WWE.

<br>Chris Jericho talks about the possibility of returning to WWE in future

Chris Jericho holding ROH World Championship

Chris Jericho is a WWE icon who is currently wrestling for AEW. Many fans were anticipating that Jericho would jump ship from AEW to WWE. Chris Jericho has already done it before when he shockingly jumped ship from WCW to WWE. WCW was a company in the 90s that was run by the president of the company, Eric Bischoff.


It has been more than five years since Y2J worked full-time for WWE. Chris Jericho first went off the air in mid-2017 to shoot songs for his band, Fozzy. He then returned to WWE as a surprise entrant in the Greatest Royal Rumble match. however, nobody knew that it was going to be Jericho’s last WWE appearance, ever. Since then, WWE Universe has been wondering, when will Y2J return to the WWE.

While doing an interview with the Daily Star, Jericho was asked about a potential return to WWE someday. It is bad news for the WWE Universe because Chris Jericho doesn’t feel like he is going to return to the company ever again.

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. I don’t hold a torch for WWE. To me, that’s not ‘the place to be.’ AEW is the place to be. It really is. I’ve been in WWE. I know how it works. They work that way, I don’t care if Vince is there, Hunter is there, or whoever is there. They have a way of doing things, and I was there for 20 years and was pretty good at it. I like the way we do things at AEW better… so I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to finish my career in AEW.” Jericho said.


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Why is Chris Jericho preferring AEW over WWE?

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Chris Jericho with the List of Jericho (via-WWE)

It may be very heartbreaking news for Jericho Holics, who wanted to see Chris Jericho in WWE for his last run. Jericho also said, “Business is business and there’s always ups and downs, but I have zero interest in ever going back to WWE. That’s not out of bitterness or anger. I love Vince and I love Hunter and all the people there.”

This quote basically explains that Jericho has no personal grudges with anyone related to WWE, but he just likes to work in AEW more. Chris Jericho has achieved a lot of success in the WWE and AEW. Chris Jericho still feels like he has a torch to pass in AEW, whereas in WWE he has no such torch to pass for the upcoming superstars.

However, the chances of Jericho’s WWE return for at least one appearance are very high. Jericho’s career has easily surpassed the finishing line it takes to be a part of the WWE Hall of Fame. Chris Jericho is sure to headline the WWE Hall of Fame class in the future, and Jericho will return to WWE for his Hall of Fame ceremony.


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