“Most selfless worker in WWE”- Fans react to shocking list of top 3 WWE Superstars with most losses in 2023

Fans have shown their reactions to the top 3 stars who faced most defeats in 2023.

“Most selfless worker in WWE”- Fans react to shocking list of top 3 WWE Superstars with most losses in 2023

Fans react to Bayley's losses in 2023 (via WWE)

2023 has been the most profitable year for WWE. Under the leadership of Triple H, WWE achieved the pinnacle of storytelling and wrestling from the very start. Fans were given what they wanted, and rivalries were built for the masses. But that also means the stars that were disliked by the fans were visible straight up to the WWE Universe. Of those unlucky ones, Bayley and Imperium have suffered the most losses.


Ludwig Kaiser tops the list with 74 losses and solidifies himself as the biggest jobber of 2023. Sharing the podium in the second position is his stablemate Giovanni Vinci with 69 losses. The Damage CTRL leader, Bayley, survived her toughest year with 62 losses as reported by Wrestlelamia.com.

Kaiser and Vinci have suffered most of their losses as a collective unit in a tag team. Imperium is considered to have sheer strength only due to Gunther and lacks any sort of push for his stablemates.

On the other hand, The Role Model would not put other stars over with her loss. Leading the strongest women’s faction, 2023 was quite unpleasant for Bayley on SmackDown. But the time for redemption is rumored for her at Royal Rumble 2024 with her victory in the match.


WWE Universe showcases their disappointment for Bayley and Imperium

The list of the top 3 stars who suffered the most losses in 2023 was released by Wrestlelamia.com. Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, and Bayley had a bitter 2023 with more than 60 losses each.

Bayley and Imperium
Bayley and Imperium (via WWE and Reddit)

It was almost like these stars were destined to lose, every time they set foot in the ring. It was not enough for them to be the losers, but also a weak link in their respective factions. Fans feel for these stars and have declared them to be selfless individuals working for the benefit of the company.

Imperium is currently feuding with DIY to put them over. With their leader Gunther in the mix, they challenged DIY with The Miz a few weeks ago. While on SmackDown. Bayley is involved in a feud with the rest of the women’s roster excluding her stable. The women of the blue brand have joined forces to take down The Damage CTRL.

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