“He’s not afraid of showing off,” Current champion says he would love to face Logan Paul in a match, calls him a great addition to WWE

Fans are excited after listening to Gunther's thoughts about the current US Champion, Logan Paul.

“He’s not afraid of showing off,” Current champion says he would love to face Logan Paul in a match, calls him a great addition to WWE

Logan Paul (via WWE)

The WWE Universe saw Logan Paul pick up a massive win at Crown Jewel 2023. He defeated Rey Mysterio to win the United States Championship. Since then, The Maverick has captured the attention of a lot of superstars and media. Current Intercontinental Champion Gunther is one of them.

The Ring General recently showed up on the Masked Man Show podcast. He talked at length about bringing prestige to the Intercontinental Championship. Moreover, Gunther expressed his desire to have a match with Logan Paul. The former also shed light on the so-called, Dark Age of Wrestling.


For Gunther, if guys wearing face paint and tassels are winning titles then something is wrong. He also talked about Logan Paul and said that Paul is mostly a sports entertainer who has gained respect inside as well as outside of WWE. The Ring General was questioned if he wished to have a match with the Maverick in the future, to which he showed sanguine thoughts.

I would love to do that match, I think it would be really exciting. Logan Paul and Bad Bunny, are guys who are passionate about it. With that being said, I think I have a very positive opinion about Logan Paul. He has got an astronomical reach and looks very good. He is not afraid to show off and I believe is a great addition for us.

From what can be inferred from the Ring General’s statement, he respects what Logan Paul brings to the ring. Despite having an overconfident demeanor, The Maverick is passionate about professional wrestling, as per Gunther. This emotion, as quoted by Gunther, is also shared by Bad Bunny, who isn’t there just to expand their brand but to also do what they love.

With the fame and audience that the Maverick brings, the Ring General seems undoubtedly impressed with his present feats. He expressed positive thoughts on having a match with Logan Paul at some point.


Gunther wants to add Charlotte Flair to Imperium

Imperium is one of the most dominant factions in WWE at this moment. It consists of Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, and Intercontinental Champion Gunther. The Ring General was recently part of a conversation with Steve Fall of Wrestling News. He expressed his wish to add Charlotte Flair to Imperium.

Gunther and Charlotte Flair
Gunther and Charlotte Flair (via WWE)

Many fans believe that it would be a great step for The Queen. Charlotte Flair’s quick rise to fame has been the subject of critique from a number of fans. Many see her as a product of nepotism due to being Ric Flair’s daughter. They believe that becoming a part of Imperium would be a blessing, as it could evolve her character.

Charlotte Flair is currently a part of Bianca Belair’s team. They are scheduled to fight Damage CTRL in a WarGames Match at Survivor Series. It would be interesting to see how The Queen will contribute to the match. The fans are eager to see whether she’ll take her team to victory.


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