Is WWE punishing Seth Rollins with the unexpected match against Omos at Backlash?

Recent reports put an exclamation mark on the ongoing rumors and speculations about Seth Rollins rift with WWE.

Is WWE punishing Seth Rollins with the unexpected match against Omos at Backlash?

Seth Rollins vs Omos (via WWE)

WWE’s next premium live event, ‘Backlash‘ is just a few days away. The feuds and storylines on the roster have started to shift gears. However, one of the matches that came out of the blue was Seth Rollins’ match against Omos. WWE booked the match out of nowhere, leaving the fans completely baffled. As a result, the fans started to speculate about a possible rift between Rollins and WWE.


There has been a lot of turmoil going around Seth Rollins in recent times. The Visionary had an unconventional segment in the Raw after Mania, followed by his absence on the next show. Besides, there have been rumors that Rollins walked away from the show on Raw after Mania. As a result, it left the fans skeptical about his situation. Moreover, WWE booking Seth Rollins with Omos for Backlash added fuel to the fire.

Due to the ongoing situation, there have been various speculations among the fans about WWE punishing Seth Rollins. However, recent reports put an exclamation mark on all the ongoing rumors. According to Ringside News, it asked a tenured member of the creative team and confirmed that there is no rift between Rollins and WWE.

Furthermore, it said that “he’s far, far away from being punished, not even remotely close.” Speaking about his match with Omos, it reported there is no specific logic behind the match. Besides, WWE is currently building Omos as a colossal force. His past few storylines on the roster are the epitome of that. With both The Nigerian Giant and The Visionary not having any plans for Backlash, WWE just decided to involve the two of them together.


Therefore, it looks like there is no rift between WWE and Rollins. The Drip God has truly been the workhorse of this industry, providing some incredible feuds and storylines. Over the years, Rollins has been a prodigious name that has been driving this industry forward. The two parties have mutual respect for each other.

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Seth Rollins’ current storyline in the roster

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins (via WWE)

There’s no doubt that Seth Rollins is one of the most prominent names on the WWE roster. However, The Visionary hasn’t done much since his feud with Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39. WWE involved Rollins in a random match last week on Monday Night Raw. The 36-year-old faced The Miz in a match last week, which turned out to be an amazing match.

However, with WWE booking Rollins in a program with Omos, their storyline is likely to build up. While many fans criticized the decision, others expect the match to be full of surprises. It will be interesting to see The Nigerian Giant step up in front of one of WWE’s top stars. It will truly elevate Omos’ WWE career.


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