REPORT : Kevin Owens staying away from entering a major program with Top faction

Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens is not going to get involved in Sami Zayn getting into the Bloodline storyline.

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

One of the top promo performers currently working in the wrestling business is Kevin Owens. He excels in the ring and has accomplished a lot in the WWE. He has repeatedly won the WWE Universal Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and even the United States Championship.

Because his best work always comes out as a heel, Kevin Owens is well known for his time spent in the company as a villain. Up to this point, Kevin has teamed up as a tandem heel team with a variety of individuals, including Chris Jericho and, the former intercontinental champion and longtime foe of Sami Zayn.

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Kevin Owens will be getting a push differently

Kevin Owens
The whole Bloodline

Plans have been in place for the past month to promote Kevin Owens and his erstwhile pal Sami Zayn as a tag team. In order to make Sami realise that he is not receiving better treatment in Bloodline, plans called for turning Kevin Owens from a babyface to a force.

The Usos super reign was supposed to be ended by them both challenging them for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships, but this push was scrapped because Sami Zayn is currently the most entertaining member of Bloodline and even the entire WWE, so his departure would not be appropriate at this time.

Sami is still progressing with his Bloodline storyline as the Honorary Uce, and Kevin is presently engaged in a TV feud with Austin Theory, who currently holds the contract for Money in the Bank. Both of them are currently doing everything differently. Kevin Owens’ standing has increased as a result of the conflict since he has been doing incredibly strong promos.

Considering that they both have a lot of promise and are now among the most entertaining aspects of WWE, let’s see how the company will forcibly raise these two most promising stars to the upper mid-card and main event scene in the near future.

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