“I don’t remember going back to the ring”- Kurt Angle recalls the night he suffered a real concussion during a match

Former WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle remembers the occasion when he really concussed during a game.

Kurt Angle in WWE
Kurt Angle in WWE
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Kurt Angle is one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. Kurt angle has been one of the greatest men ever to have set foot in the ring. Angle is recognized for his incredible technical ability in the ring as well as his willingness to put his body on the line in some arduous performances. Kurt Angle has feuded with the best in the business and his rivalries with Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar are regarded as some of the best in the WWE history. Angle was a big asset to WWE, a wrestler who had the best in-ring ability and who also excelled in the character work.

Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006 and it is said that the grueling schedule of WWE had taken a toll on his body, in addition to him being popping pills to ease the pain due to years of constant wrestling in the ring. Angle had thought that he would die of overdose one day due to his abuse of prescription drugs and demanded a release from company, Vince McMahon who wasn’t happy with Angle’s decision to leave the company and join its rival TNA and the two had a fallout which caused them to never speak to each other again.

Since then, the two had made amends and reconciled with each other in 2017, with the WWE inducting Angle the WWE Hall of Fame. Kurt then went on to have a second stint in the WWE as a GM of RAW and even wrestled in a few matches. He announced his retirement from wrestling in 2019 and wrestled his last match against Happy Corbin at WrestleMania 35, which he lost.

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Kurt Angle faced the Rock and Triple H at SummerSlam 2000

The Rock delivers rock bottom to Kurt Angle, after The Game and Kurt win the No.1 contender's match.
The Rock delivers rock bottom to Kurt Angle, after The Game and Kurt win the No.1 contender’s match.

In August 2000, Kurt Angle began a feud with Triple H, following a six-man tag match, in which Angle, The Game and Stephanie McMahon competed against the Dudley Boyz and Lita. The Game, Stephanie McMahon, and Kurt Angle won the match, but Triple H became irate when he saw Kurt hugging Stephanie McMahon, who was Triple H’s girlfriend at the time and is now his wife. This sparked a feud between them, and the two, along with Chris Jericho, were scheduled to compete on RAW for the right to challenge The Rock for the WWF Championship at SummerSlam.

During the match both Angle and HHH pinned Jericho simultaneously and both were declared the winners of the match, thereby making the bout at SummerSlam a triple threat match. There were instances when their No.1 contenders spot was on the line but both managed to preserve it until SummerSlam.

Kurt Angle and The Game fought at the event’s ringside prior to the start of the match, and when the latter hit Angle with a pedigree on the announcer’s table, Kurt suffered a concussion. According to the Kayfabe, Kurt was really supposed to be ousted from the bout for a short period of time, but the concussion actually occurred, necessitating the need to carry him backstage so the EMTs could examine him.

The Rock entered the ring and battled Triple H up to that point, but Stephanie McMahon intervened and tried to strike The Rock with the belt, but instead accidentally struck Triple H, who told her to go towards the ringside. Kurt Angle then came back into the match and started fighting with The Game.

Stephanie, who was watching from the ringside, gave Kurt the sledge hammer, but as they battled for it, The Game accidentally smacked Stephanie, who was in the ring. The rock took advantage of the circumstance and tossed Angle over the top rope out of the ring. The Rock then delivered the Rock bottom and people’s elbow on Triple H to win the match.

On August 27, 22 years will have passed since the incident. Kurt Angle recently tweeted about the match, stating that he only has a hazy memory of it and that he was meant to play the concussion card, but the real concussion struck him instead. Angle said in the tweet that he can’t recall returning to the ring to complete the bout.

“I vaguely remember this night…Sumnerslam (SummerSlam) 2000. I was supposed to pretend to get a concussion but I actually got a REAL concussion. I was taken backstage, and I don’t remember going back to the ring and finishing the match. Crazy night!!!! #itstrue”

Kurt Angle was offered another role by WWE, after his contract expired in 2020, but the Olympic Gold Medalist declined it as he wants to focus on his health and Nutrition business.

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