WATCH: LA Knight defies Nick Aldis’ orders to assault former WWE Champion via disguise on SmackDown

LA Knight finally got to lay his hands on AJ Styles.

WATCH: LA Knight defies Nick Aldis’ orders to assault former WWE Champion via disguise on SmackDown

Nick Aldis, LA Knight and AJ Styles [via- WWE]

With the Road to WrestleMania XL winding down, SmackDown has been in turmoil. Take, for instance, last night, when LA Knight launched himself at AJ Styles. However, in the first place, The Megastar wasn’t even meant to be on the show. Despite Nick Aldis‘ word to Styles, his arch-nemesis turned up anyway. But the latter had to factor in some disguise.


The former Eli Drake was spruced up as a local security personnel. But he didn’t bottle it up by being hasty. Once AJ Styles descended to the ringside area while scouting his soon-to-be WrestleMania opponent, that’s when LA Knight revealed himself. They were within touching distance as a brawl ensued. From the get-go, the defunct Max Dupri had the upper hand. To up the ante, the 41-year-old brought a steel chair into the fray.

However, the former WWE Champion eluded that catastrophe just barely. The former Million Dollar title holder then perched on the commentary desk and hurled warning shots at Styles. The Defiant One even adjudged AJ as the biggest piece of human walking waste he had ever seen. LA kept basking in the adulation of the WWE Universe while The Phenomenal One had already exited the vulnerable territory.

Post-show reactions suggest that the fans approved of the drama that unfolded on SmackDown. With Knight and Styles being a non-title mid-card proposition at WrestleMania 40, they can potentially steal the show. What initially appeared to be a short-lived wonder has now morphed into something that’s slated to assume center stage at The Showcase of the Immortals next month.


WWE unveils bodycam footage of LA Knight’s trespassing at AJ Styles’ house

Last Friday on SmackDown, in-house footage of AJ Styles’ house was aired. Wherein the WWE crew members were slated to gather insight into The Phenomenal One’s WrestleMania preparations.

AJ Styles and LA Knight
AJ Styles and LA Knight [via- WWE]

However, before they could get down to business, a vehicle’s horn prompted the Georgia-based wrestler to unearth who was the culprit. The 46-year-old saw that it was none other than LA Knight as they went at each other.

Much couldn’t be recorded by WWE cameras in place at AJ’s front yard. However, local police caught the SmackDown Superstars on the ground, and they had to be separated. A full-fledged dash and bodycam footage has now been posted on WWE’s official YouTube channel.

The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion decided not to press charges, and his foe was released from official custody. The latter further made fun of AJ’s entrance door while aiming a dig at his penchant for video games.


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