“Instead of video games,” LA Knight gives life advice to AJ Styles after attacking him in front of his house

LA Knight will face AJ Styles at WrestleMania XL.

“Instead of video games,” LA Knight gives life advice to AJ Styles after attacking him in front of his house

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles (via WWE)

On SmackDown last week, AJ Styles was scheduled for an interview from his home. However, it was cut short after LA Knight trespassed on The Phenomenal One’s property. Both rivals exchanged blows until police officers arrived at the scene. The Megastar was arrested following the attack and taken into police custody en route to WrestleMania. 

Many fans were left wondering whether LA Knight would be back in time for his match. Fortunately, the 41-year-old Superstar is no longer in custody and sent a message to his ‘Mania opponent. The former Eli Drake took to X as he asked the wrestling veteran to invest in gates to enhance his house’s safety rather than spending money on video games.

Might wanna invest in a front gate instead of video games Styles…YEAH
LA Knight to AJ Styles on X

As many fans might know, Styles is a video game fanatic since multiple videos of him playing can be found online. Therefore, the former Max Dupri tried to intensify the feud by taking things on a personal level. Knight and AJ Styles began feuding in late 2023. Both were a part of the Undisputed Title match at the Royal Rumble with Roman Reigns and Randy Orton.

Since then, both superstars haven’t settled the score between them. The Hagerstown native has tried his luck twice against The Tribal Chief but has failed in his attempts. On the other hand, the former WWE Champion has become a completely different individual. Styles has gained huge muscle mass and become a bigger version of himself.

LA Knights sheds light on his first Universal Title match against Roman Reigns

In late 2023, LA Knight became one of the hottest superstars on the entire roster. The former manager’s meteoric rise forced WWE to switch John Cena‘s tag team partner from AJ Styles to him at Fastlane match against The Bloodline. During this time, WWE catapulted him as a main-eventer when the former Impact World Champion challenged Roman Reigns for his coveted title at Crown Jewel.

Roman Reigns and LA Knight
Roman Reigns and LA Knight (via WWE)

Recently, the fastest-rising SmackDown Superstar shared his feelings heading into the big match while speaking on the Busted Open Radio. He stated that he hadn’t even yet challenged for any midcard title before the big match. Knight opened up about how he felt, expressing that it was too fast to book him in a world title match.

But jumping straight into the WWE Championship back at Crown Jewel was a little fast to where I almost worried that it might make people go, ah!
LA Knight on his title match against Roman Reigns

Moreover, the former Million Dollar Champion expressed cluelessness regarding how the WWE Universe would react to him being shoved down their throats. In addition to that, the fan-favorite Superstar asserted that he stays optimistic and is still in a good spot. With the arrest lifted, The Megastar might show up at SmackDown to build towards his WrestleMania 40 match.

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