Miro shockingly likes a tweet stating that WWE booked him better than AEW

Former United States Champion and ex-WWE wrestler Miro reveals that he was happier in WWE than he is currently in AEW as he did not win any Championship.

Rusev or Miro
Miro is one of the best gimmick when he used Rusev Day gimmick
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Miro is one of the most known names in the wrestling industry right now he is mostly known to wrestle in WWE where he wrestled under the name of Rusev. His character was a Bulgarian brute who support the anti-American concept and was on a mission with her manager Lana of ruling WWE he had a decent run in the company where he did achieve a lot but was not on the main event scene much.

Rusev had won United States Championship on three different occasions and even beat the face of the company John Cena when he was in a very big feud with him in which he lost the title at WrestleMania. That was the moment when Rusev was one of the most important storylines in the WWE.

WWE has given Rusev push a lot of time but they did dirty with him when they put him and his real-life girlfriend, Lana, in a love story triangle with Dolph Ziggler. But the storyline never did anything for him as the storyline was dropped in the middle when Lana got her ankle injured. WWE did the storyline in 2015 but did not get anything.

WWE tried the same storyline again in 2020 when they put him now his wife Lana and Bobby Lashley this time but the storyline still did not do anything for him and did not give him the deserving exit he deserves. Miro also left WWE after this in 2020 and joined AEW which did not change his career a lot.

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Miro reacted to a tweet about his career

Rusev or Miro
Rusev mostly did heel work in the start of his career and never won the championship as face

A fan tweeted, “Are you still in AEW? Seems you had it better in WWE.” The tweet got a lot of reaction from a lot of fans even Miro reacted and liked it as he agrees with the person and did not have achieved any championship in AEW till now. He commented once about doing a return to WWE as he still thinks he has more potential and can-do good wrestling.

Miro also made a tweet about making fun of the AEW mid-card title All Atlantic Championship which was booked in a match between John Moxley and Mance Warner. Miro is going to have a feud with Malakai Black which will be interesting to see as how good will be this feud going to get booked by the AEW creative team.

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