MJF approves WWE’s latest hire in the creative team

MJF has been very selective on praising things happening in his reach. He recently has a positive comment on WWE's decisions about their team.


MJF has been very open about his thoughts. He doesn’t feel shy about posting his thoughts on his social media accounts. He has spoken on multiple issues in the past and it is obvious that he will continue to do so in the future. 

He performs the character of a heel exceptionally well. He stays in character post the show as well and posts his heart in the form of insults out on social media. Despite his actions, he is regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers in the wrestling industry even for his young age. 

Recently, Rob Fee made it to the news for signing in to the WWE’s creative committee. The fans are really excited to see him in the company and to see what changes he would bring in the current storylines in the same. AEW star has also approved of his recruitment in the company.

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MJF calls Rob Fee a ‘salt of the earth’


Rob is here to plan out the future of the company in a massive way. With the ‘White Rabbit‘ storyline taking a massive place in the company, Rob Fee will blend it with the current stories running in the company. Rob Fee is a great writer and has written multiple shows and Marvel comics. You may check out the tweet below:

A praise coming from MJF’s mouth holds a great significance. The introduction of new creative in itself excites the audience. WWE Extreme Rules is expected to be a great event with a massive hope of Bray Wyatt’s return. Until this weekend, hold tight to your seats and wait until the event unfolds itself.  

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