Nick Aldis ups the ante by announcing a stipulation for highly personal grudge match on SmackDown

The SmackDown GM added weight to Rey Mysterio's return match on SmackDown.

Nick Aldis ups the ante by announcing a stipulation for highly personal grudge match on SmackDown

Nick Aldis (via Wrestling Inc.)

SmackDown’s proverbial sheriff, Nick Aldis, isn’t ashamed of being old-school at times. And, donning such a mindset, he has made an important announcement ahead of tonight’s show. As the fans know, WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio will go one-on-one with Santos Escobar on the blue brand’s live taping from Milwaukee. To get mid-match shenanigans out of the picture, Aldis had something in mind.

The general manager proclaimed that the LWO and the Legado del Fastasma would be barred from ringside during the course of Mysterio vs. Escobar. Aldis, a former NWA Champion, said he believes settling things uno a uno. As much as he is optimistic for an even playing field, the move seems more quixotic and less pragmatic.

It could be an uphill battle for either of the two factions to just sit back and enjoy their respective group supremos go at each other. Things have been boiling up for months now. It stemmed from Santos Escobar’s malicious betrayal of Rey Mysterio last year. Carlito had just returned to WWE and received an immediate call-up from the Master of the 619 to join the LWO.

I believe settling things one-on-one, uno a uno. So with that in mind I'm declaring that the LWO and Lego del Fantasma are barred from ringside.
Nick Aldis on X

Escobar started growing apart from Mysterio’s vision for the Luchadore faction. After having enough, an inimical then-LWO member snapped. Escobar’s despicable actions were condemned by his former stablemates Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde too.

That’s one of the major reasons why they didn’t follow him on his way out. However, the latter dug deep to rechristen an alliance with Angel and Berto. Soon after that, La Madrina Elektra Lopez also joined a hybridized version of the Legado Del Fastasma. They’ve been callous in their actions towards the LWO ever since.

Nick Aldis has undergone surgery on his bicep

Recently, it was reported that Nick Aldis had suffered an injury. Soon, PWInsider followed it up by reporting that the 37-year-old was expected to undergo surgery on his arm. The initial belief was that he tore his bicep.

Nick Aldis
Nick Aldis has an injury (via WWE)

Aldis thought it would be a wise move to publicly address the issue. As a result, he took to X to share a picture of him in an arm sling.

The English wrestler noted that he indeed underwent surgery for a ruptured bicep tendon. He confirmed that it was merely an accident. However, the former Magnus affirmed that he won’t miss out on fulfilling his on-screen obligations with WWE.

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