“We drive 45 miles up to John Cena’s place in the morning for an hour and a half” – Ric Flair talks about his workout routine ahead of his retirement match

WWE legend Ric Flair recently wants his last fight to be much better than his Wrestlemania encounter against Shawn Michaels

Rick Flair
Rick Flair

It was back in WrestleMania 24 when Ric Flair lost against Shawn Michaels, eventually leading to the end of his WWE ring career. However, little did he know then he would make a comeback within less than two years. He first joined Hulk Hogan on a tour. Then he actively competed in TNA IMPACT. His last match ended up being the one where he fought against Sting on September 15, 2011.

Fast forward 11 years and Rick Flair is all set to appear in the ring one last time on July 31 in Nashville, Tennessee. The match will be held under the Jim Crockett Promotions banner.

In a recent interview, Ric said, “I’ve been working out. Kelly (Brewster) trains with me and it’s a lot of hard work. We drive 45 miles up to John Cena’s place in the morning for an hour and a half. And then we go down to Saint Peak to training like there’s no tomorrow for two hours and it’s a lot more fun for me if I have someone to compete against.”

When asked what does he expect from his upcoming bout, Flair answered, “It has to be really good, it has to be better than anything I did after Shawn Michaels. It’s not about the money. It’s all about re-establishing the fact I have my self-confidence. It’s never been higher.”

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What are the expected lineups for Ric Flair’s last match?

Ric Flair at a talk show
Ric Flair giving an interview

As of now, the opponent for Ric Flair’s last match is not announced. But it is speculated that Ric Flair will feature in a six-man tag team battle. Meanwhile, the referee has already been finalized and he is no other than the former WWE referee Mike Chioda.

The 55-year-old referee has worked for World Wrestling Entertainment for over three decades. His most recent appearance came on May 29 during AEW’s Double or Nothing 2022 premium event.

It has been understood that the promotion had to relocate Ric Flair’s last match’s location because of the overwhelming buzz surrounding The Nature Boy’s final appearance. The event will now be held at Nashville Municipal Auditorium, which is expected to house a much larger audience.

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