“It wasn’t me FR” WWE HOF Rikishi takes a hilarious dig at Raw’s Backstage Angle

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Rikishi is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. WWE Hall of Famer is known for his gimmick as a sumo wrestler and his famous finishing maneuver the stink face. Rikishi is the father of the current WWE Unified Tag Team Champions The Usos. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015. The Hall of Famer recently recalled a famous backstage segment in which he was involved.

This comes after a mysterious car crash segment had taken place at Monday Night Raw last week, where a returning Dexter Lumis was involved in crashing a car backstage in the middle of Kevin Owens‘ interview. Reacting to the segment the Hall of Famer tweeted– “It wasn’t me FR [For Real] this time.” The Hall of Famer said that this time it wasn’t him and he meant it. He was referring to the infamous segment of Hit and Run that occurred at Survivor Series 1999.

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Rikishi was involved in a Hit and Run segment at Survivor Series,1999

Rikishi had admitted that he had ran over Austin to help his cousin The Rock.

Steve Austin was being interviewed backstage before he would go on to chase Triple H with whom he had a feud at that time. While Triple H would manage to run away a car came gate crashing and ran over Austin in a shocking incident. It was later revealed that Rikishi was behind the wheels which had crushed Austin at Survivor Series. Austin and Rikishi would then go on to battle it out at No Mercy but the match ended in a no contest. He revealed that he did this to help his cousin The Rock.

Disappointed by his cousin’s actions The Rock challenged Rikishi for a match at Survivor Series which he won but was later attacked Rikishi after the match. In the end, it was revealed that the whole Hit and Run scenario was a part of a bigger conspiracy planned by The Game Triple H himself. Rikishi was released in 2004 but continued to fight on other promotions and independent circuits.

He has made sporadic appearances for WWE from time to time. Rikishi’s sons Jey and Jimmy Uso are Undisputed Tag Team Champions currently and are a crucial part of The Bloodline enjoying a decent run in the company.

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