Ex-WWE Superstar makes audacious claims that Roman Reigns vs. Dwayne The Rock Johnson isn’t as big as him wrestling Goldberg in his retirement match

Ryback sparks controversery with another ridiculous comment on his YouTube channel.

Ex-WWE Superstar makes audacious claims that Roman Reigns vs. Dwayne The Rock Johnson isn’t as big as him wrestling Goldberg in his retirement match

The Rock, Goldberg and Roman Reigns (via WWE)

Former WWE superstar Ryback is always involved in some kind of controversy with his comments on WWE. After his release from WWE, he always criticized the company for not giving him opportunities on his YouTube channel. Now, the former Intercontinental Champion has again made an audacious claim on his channel. 


On the Day 1 edition of Monday Night Raw, Dwayne The Rock Johnson returned and gave a surprise to the fans. However, this was not just a feel-good return; The Great One teased a potential dream match against Roman Reigns. Ryback took to YouTube and published a video saying it was not as big of a match as him fighting Goldberg in his retirement match would be. 

Ryback’s statement was ridiculous considering Goldberg is on the verge of retirement, and he is often criticized for being reckless in the ring. Ultimately, very few will be excited to see the match between Ryback and Goldberg. However, the whole WWE Universe is waiting for a match between two of the biggest stars in the industry.

This is not the first time Ryback has puzzled the fans with his ridiculous comments and reactions. When rumors of CM Punk‘s return to WWE started surfacing, he made a bet that if Punk returned to WWE, he would retire from wrestling. However, after Punk returned, he changed his mind. Nonetheless, fans are always entertained by the comments made by him.


Ryback reveals the wrestler responsible for his worst match ever

Ryback has had several memorable matches in his career. He was on top of his game in 2012–13, when he fought with the likes of John Cena and CM Punk. However, he has had some bad matches too. 

Ryback and Jinder Mahal
Ryback and Jinder Mahal (via WWE)

The Big Guy revealed his worst match ever, according to him, on his podcast. He said his worst match was with Jinder Mahal in his early developmental days. Ryback further said it was an entirely impromptu match, and nothing went right. He and Jinder were a little bit inexperienced at that time and said it was all before his Nexus days. 

"The worst match of my entire career was with Jinder Mahal. We ended up doing a match on the fly, and it was probably my worst match ever. Just nothing went right, and Jinder was super-new to developmental at that time. It was really f***ing funny actually, but it was after NXT and we all were down there. The Nexus thing hadn’t happened yet."
Ryback on his match with Jinder Mahal on his podcast

Although he was responsible for giving Ryback his worst match, Jinder was able to revive his career. He became the WWE Champion by defeating Randy Orton and holding the title for 150+ days. 

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