“That’s because of The Bloodline”- Sami Zayn credits “The Bloodline” for bringing his dignified status back to the locker room

Former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn credits "The Bloodline" for bringing his dignified status back to the locker room.

Sami Zayn and the bloodline
Sami Zayn and the bloodline in WWE

Sami Zayn is one of the talented wrestlers in the current WWE lot. The WWE Universe sees Sami Zayn as a future world Champion. Zayn has been seen as a mid-carder but also has the potential to main event someday. The WWE Universe has appreciated his in-ring ability and mic skills, with his ability to pull off different characters impressing the most. Zayn can play the babyface as well as a wimpy heel to perfection.

Sami Zayn started his training as a wrestler when he was 18 years old and then wrestled across promotions such as Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), Chikara, Dragon gate and several other promotions until making his WWE debut in 2013. Zayn was signed to WWE in 2013 and made his debut on the NXT Brand, where he was a 1-time NXT Champion. He made his main roster debut on RAW IN May 2015 and was largely favored by the crowd in his first match against John Cena, Zayn lost that match. Since been on the main roster he has been a 3-time intercontinental Champion.

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Sami Zayn has been a part of the Bloodline after WrestleMania 38

Sami Zayn talking with the bloodline
Sami Zayn talking with the usos from the bloodline

After losing to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38, Sami began to believe that his reputation was degraded and he had lost respect from the locker room. Sami then began assisting “The Bloodline” on a few occasions and tried to win their favor, Zayn was then made an “honorary Uce” and accepted as a member (lackey) of the organization.

Zayn appeared on the latest episode of the WWE’s The Bump and shared about his association with the faction. He said that a lot of people are criticizing Roman Reigns and not liking him right now and he won’t let that happen. He said that the bloodline has been very kind to him and helped him restore his credibility and respect, which he had lost after losing to Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania 38

“There are a lot of people out there gunning for Roman Reigns. I’m just not going to let that happen. They have been very kind to welcome me into The Bloodline. To help me restore the respect and credibility that took a little bit of a hit after losing to Johnny Knoxville and the jacka** crew of all people at WrestleMania. My credibility and good reputation that I spent years building took a hit.”

Sami Zayn went on to add that he appreciates “The Bloodline” for his dignified status in the locker room now, that nobody says anything out of respect when he enters the locker room and that the same situation exists when he departs at night, and that he deserves the respect that he is receiving right now.

“Now, thanks to The Bloodline, you should see how they talk of me backstage locker room. I walk in, and none of them say a word. I walk into that locker room, clean as a whistle. I leave at the end of the night the locker room is clean as a whistle. It is a tight ship. You should see the respect I’m getting now. The respect that I deserve, and that’s because of The Bloodline”.

Sami Zayn has been qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder match which is scheduled to happen on this Sunday at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

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