Recently released Superstar claims Stephanie McMahon was the nicest person in WWE’s “Front Office” during his tenure

Top Dolla's statement on X suggest Stephanie McMahon to be the nicest person in the office during his period in WWE.

Recently released Superstar claims Stephanie McMahon was the nicest person in WWE’s “Front Office” during his tenure

Stephanie McMahon (via WWE)

The WWE-UFC merger is revolutionary for both the companies and profit ought to follow this deal. The aftermath of the takeover has resulted in the release of several WWE superstars with Top Dolla among the prominent names. He was let go despite being underutilized and now looks to pursue his passion for rapping. A statement from his side has stated that Stephanie McMahon was the nicest person in the office.


Dolla’s post on X came as a reply to a fan account that asked for people to write something nice about Stephanie. The former Hit Row member wrote, “Stephanie was consistently the nicest person in the “Front Office” I dealt with in my entire time in WWE“. This implied that when it came to dealing with Dolla personally, McMahon treated him very cheerfully throughout his short-lived career in the company.

Stephanie announced her resignation from the position of co-CEO of WWE earlier this year in January. She left the reins in the hands of his partner Nick Khan making him the sole CEO of the company. When it came to her on-screen character, she portrayed a heel having the absolute authority to control the company.

Top Dolla’s release wasn’t particularly surprising given the recent wave of cuts from the main roster. His departure has disrupted Hit Row on SmackDown, leaving the faction in a state of flux. Ashante “Thee” Adonis and B-Fab are currently absent from episodes, but they may pursue singles runs in the future.


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Top Dolla turns down the possibility of B-Fab’s match in WWE

The newest member of the WWE family, Jade Cargill has made it to the headlines quicker than she would have thought. The second biggest signing of a former AEW star has been entertaining even now as her dream matches have been starting to build. One of such fans wrote an idea for Jade’s opponent which was denied by Top Dolla.

Top Dolla, B-fab and Ashante "Thee" Adonis
Top Dolla, B-Fab and Ashante “Thee” Adonis (via WWE)

The fan wrote, “B-Fab vs Jade? 👀” in response to Dolla’s post that praised Cargill. The rapper has been supportive of B-Fab he still looked down upon the match and saw no possibility of its happening. He wrote, “That would require them to actually give BFab a match… 🙊” and trolled WWE for their bookings of Hit Row.

Dolla wrote about Jade in his post and mentioned her as a star even though she has not wrestled in WWE. The former TBS Champion has signed a multi-year deal with the company with no news of her debut. The speculations suggest a shock at Royal Rumble to build her up for the sports entertainment-driven promotion.


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