The Boogeyman wants to be “Back to the TV” Fans expect another surprise return

The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman

The word ‘Boogeyman‘ is enough to scare any grown man who has any kind of knowledge of wrestling. The WWE Superstar has played his gimmick better than many other superstars of his era. Starting his career in 2005, he served the company for more than 10 years.

He is in a legends contract with the WWE. The 58-year superstar continues to make appearances at various WWE events. His last appearance was in 2019 where he scared Angel Garza and helped his friend R-Truth win the match.

Until now, it was observed that the fans are excited to see the retired professional return to the ring. The trend has now changed. The wrestlers are themselves interested in making a return to the industry and the same was the case with Boogeyman. 

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The Boogeyman wants to get back to the TV

The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman

Boogeyman took to Twitter where he posted a picture of himself. It wasn’t a normal picture. The celebrity was in his traditional gimmick face paint. The iconic yellow, black and red face paint was enough to scare the WWE Universe today as well.

Additionally, he wrote, “Bring Boogeyman Back To TV“. The WWE Universe can’t keep calm after his tweet. There are many superstars who have returned since Triple H took charge of the creative team of the WWE. It doesn’t take time for the WWE fans to connect any such indication to a return.

Boogeyman has one of the most horrific characters on the WWE set. Despite having a unique kind of eeriness in his gimmick, his WWE career did not last for a long time. His ‘worm eating’ was the highlight of all of the acts that he has to his name in the industry. 

However, if he gets back to the ring, he will be there exclusively for non-action roles. He is currently working as an aerobics instructor helping people lose weight. There has been no official confirmation on his return from WWE’s end.

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