“We got cheated tonight,” Former Tag Team Champions shift focus to NXT after WrestleMania hopes get crushed following controversial loss on SmackDown

The O.C. is looking to capture the NXT Tag Team Titles.

“We got cheated tonight,” Former Tag Team Champions shift focus to NXT after WrestleMania hopes get crushed following controversial loss on SmackDown

Former Tag Team Champions (via Wrestling Inc/WrestleTalk)

The tag team roster is stacked in the WWE. It can be proved by the fact that WWE is having The Judgment Day defend their Tag Titles in a six-pack ladder match. Moreover, multiple tag teams tried their luck but could not succeed in getting the WrestleMania spot. Talking about a veteran tag team, The O.C. returned to the WWE in October of 2022 but hasn’t been able to make a significant impact yet.


On SmackDown this week, Austin Theory and Grayson Waller defeated The O.C. by cheating to qualify for the Tag Titles opportunity. The veteran team could not handle their loss so they sent a message to the WWE Universe backstage moments after the match. Backstage interviewer Byron Saxton approached The Club to acknowledge that the team is heading to NXT Stand and Deliver as they eye the NXT Tag Titles.

We always want a WrestleMania moment, but right now the focus goes to NXT. We are middle of a reset, we are in the middle of a reset, we got cheated tonight, we advanced at NXT, we're going to continue to advance.
The O.C. after their loss at SmackDown

The original faction stated how they had their WrestleMania moment in the past and wanted to go back to NXT. It seems that WWE is finally looking to utilize The Original Club and give them quality time on NXT. The Club will move further in the NXT tournament in their attempt to secure the title shot. This week on NXT, they advanced to the Triple Threat Tag Team No. 1 Contenders Match.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson returned to the WWE to join forces with AJ Styles and feud with The Judgment Day. They recruited “Michin” Mia Yim later on. Unfortunately, Styles has abandoned the group after they refused to help him out against The Bloodline. As of now, The Champ That Runs the Camp is on his own and the group has been struggling ever since.


The O.C. might appear in AJ Styles vs. LA Knight match at WrestleMania XL

Whether The Club succeeds in their attempt to capture the NXT Tag Titles or not, they might show up at WrestleMania XL. AJ Styles is scheduled to face LA Knight at WrestleMania. Both The Phenomenal One and The Megastar are heading into the match with high momentum. Despite not being on the same page, The Phenomenal’s former faction might show up to support him.

LA Knight and AJ Styles
LA Knight vs. AJ Styles (via WWE)

Since AJ abandoned his group, he has become The Lone Wolf once again. The last time the 46-year-old Superstar bagged a win at Mania was at WrestleMania 37. He tagged with Omos to defeat The New Day for the Raw Tag Titles. Since then, he lost to former WWE Superstar Edge at WrestleMania 38 and missed the big PLE last year.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out if the former 2-time WWE Champion calls back his group in a desperate attempt to win. Furthermore, WWE is building Knight strong into the match after he tried to attack Styles at his home. So, the veteran Superstar might call his former running buddies to help him. Only time will tell what WWE has in store for The O.C.

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