“Including his mama,” 45-year-old female superstar reveals even The Rock’s mother wants him to return to WWE

The Rock's family badly misses him inside of the squared circle. The Great One's cousin Tamina recently reflected on the same.

“Including his mama,” 45-year-old female superstar reveals even The Rock’s mother wants him to return to WWE

The Rock's WWE return still remains a mystery (via - Showbuzz Daily)

There’s no rocket science required to crack The Brahma Bull’s WWE involvement over the past decade or so. He has fully transitioned into a Hollywood guy, working multi-million ventures under those bright lights. However, as much as the WWE Universe misses The Rock, even more so his own family does. A month back, Dwayne Johnson was in serious belief to challenge Roman Reigns at this year’s WrestleMania in Los Angeles. Going by the Hollywood theme, this was a tailor-made situation for The Great One to finally deliver that showdown against his cousin.


But, as it turned out, the rumors turned out playing with everyone’s emotions and eventually Rock turned down the offer to have a match. Evidently, The People’s Champ had an early realization about his inability to get in ring shape in time for the Showcase of the Immortals.

As of the writing moment, there’s no further update on The Rock’s alternate involvement at WrestleMania this year. Currently, he’s busy in promoting the ongoing season of XFL, to hype which he recently toured The Alamodome. It’s the same venue inside which over 50,000 in attendance were waiting for his speculated return at this year’s Royal Rumble.


The harsh reality is, no one knows when The Rock will finally return to WWE, and that’s of course for an extended period. Speaking on the internal desire among his family towards Johnson’s return to wrestling, his cousin Tamina, recently shed some light. While talking to Insider, the former Women’s Tag Team Champion revealed how each of his related ones wants The Rock to come back to WWE. That list includes Rock’s mother – Ata Johnson as well. Moving further, Tamina explained how Rock inspired generations through his inaccessible contributions towards this industry.

“All of us, including his mama, want him to come back,” Tamina told Insider. “I feel like everybody wants him to return. It’s what you were made to do, and born to do. Wrestling is a love. Dwayne’s a huge mentor, you know, because when I first started, it was because of him. He’s a huge example.

The way he is in interviews, that’s really him — he’s really that funny person. He’s that loving man, that husband, and he is that father. Like, his girls are crazy about their dad. You see him as a character, you see him as a superstar at WWE. It’s all these different things, but he’s an entrepreneur.”

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Triple H has kept the door open for The Rock’s WWE return

The Rock at a WWE press conference for WrestleMania 29
The Rock at a WWE press conference for WrestleMania 29 (via – WWE)

During the Royal Rumble press-conference, Triple H was asked about The Rock’s potential involvement at WrestleMania in Los Angeles. Giving a perfectly knitted answer, the WWE CCO iterated how much Dwayne loves this business. But, as been the case for years now, he’s incredibly busy right now. Hunter emphasized on how someone like The Rock will never ‘half-a**’ his comeback.

The Game sadly confirmed that despite of the Hollywood themed show, The Rock’s unfortunately not in the cards by the looks. However, he ensured to highlight the never say never acronym before wrapping up his comments on the Black Adam star. Maybe, something works out between the two parties in the immediate future and they can plan out something for WrestleMania. The WWE legend doesn’t even needs to mould into ring shape if he’s just asked to do a special segment, injecting a dose of adrenaline inside everyone.

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